Tuesday, June 26, 2007
birthday report!

thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys! also, i was pleased to see a comment from a new headache friend - joanna. but i can't see your profile, joanna! i'd love to visit your blog. perhaps you could email me or leave the address in the comments? that'd be great. i'm thinking i should set up a separate blogroll for all my migraine/headache friends. :)

so this is the birthday report. it was a great day. i had some money to spend, so i went out shopping during the afternoon (i realize i just skipped the morning, nothing of interest happened here).... so off to the mall, i bought several cute things and enjoyed myself immensely. express is having a huge sale, as is the gap, as is victoria's secret. so i got some deals. :)

then i picked up my husband from work, he left early today and we went to get an ice cream cake from baskin robbins. when i was a kid, i always wanted an ice cream cake, but my mom never wanted to buy me one b/c they are expensive, and she could make a cake for me for less than a couple of dollars. so this was kind of a dream come true for me. :) spencer was very sweet and worked hard to make sure this was a super day for me.

now for a few pictures -- this is a necklace given to me by my parents-in-law as well as my SIL jenny and spencer. a joint venture if you will.
it is a very bad picture of it, mostly b/c i am a very poor photographer. it's very sparkly and beautiful. maybe i'll see if spencer will take a picture for me later. :) or show me how to do it better.

so after i rested at home for a few hours, it was time to go to red robin for dinner w/friends and family. here we are:
minus spencer. and here's spencer and i:
i'm looking really weird in that picture, but it's a nice one of him. :)

and after dinner, our server asked if we wanted dessert. i told him no, we were having dessert at my house afterwards. he said since it was my birthday, it was free --so of course i said ok. it was their mountain high mud pie, and i had a bite of the peanut butter stuff and sent it around the table. everyone enjoyed a couple of bites. i should've taken a picture, can't find one to steal anywhere. it's amazing. and huge.

a couple of spencer's friends from work brought me these beautiful roses
they smell AMAZING. wow. amazing, seriously.

then after dessert at home (yay, ice cream cake!) our friends left and it was just spencer and i again. he had one more present for me.
if you go to that web address (www.perdoozy.etsy.com), you'll see the site of the woman who made my super-cute apron. a few months ago i came across them and adored them. i showed it to spencer as a potential birthday present idea. he told me a few days later that she was out. :( as it turns out, it was a (white) lie! he ordered one for me! and i love it. it's pink with dark pink spots. i need to take a picture of me in it. i love it so much. seriously, go check out her aprons and stuff. they are high quality, and super-dee-duper cute.

that's the birthday summary! it was a fabulous day. :)

p.s. -- the pictures of the harry connick jr. concert have finally arrived! i'll post some SOON!

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Anonymous Joanna had this to say:

Oops! I didn't leave my page address:
Her Life In A Nutshell

I love Red Robin! My boyfriend and friends and I go often, and I always get the Freckled Lemonade (free refills!)... so yummy!
The Gap AND Old Navy are having big sales -- I just went to Old Navy and checked it out, some great stuff! It seems like I have something Gap/Old Navy on every day, totally unplanned.

that apron site has such cute designs! definitely going to bookmark it as potential gift ideas for friends!
joanna :)

11:15 AM 

Blogger Edge had this to say:

Happy Birthday again, sis. Do you like how -again- we have a picture of the back of my head? It's getting as traditional as the Muum weird-look in photos. Love you.

11:33 AM 

Blogger Frog Thinks had this to say:

I miss RR!! I'm so jealous!! :) Eat a chicken/guac thing for me and suck down LOTS of freckled lemonades... YAY!! Happy belated bday!!! And it looks most wonderful for your special day!!!

5:53 PM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

weird looks? I am shocked, nay, appalled, by your lack of respect! harrumph!

looks like a great day! love you, Mom/Muum

8:51 PM 

Blogger Migraine Chick had this to say:

Thank you for the apron site link. They are so cute. I definately need one. So glad you had an awesome birthday. I love RR, too!

5:16 AM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Happy Belated Birthday! You're right, that is a VERY cute apron.

9:49 AM 

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