Saturday, June 23, 2007

i know you've seen this picture before: the famed Blue bell ice cream. well i'm not done talking about it.
here's spencer enjoying his chocolate brownie overload. we took our ice cream to a mexican place for dinner, and here were are on the patio enjoying it.
this is the deliciousness of my banana pudding ice cream. yummmm. please note the nilla wafer pieces. wow that was good.

here i am enjoying it:
and the last of all the texas pictures; here's some of my dinner that night, at the mexican place --

and in other news, the hubby and i are getting ready to renew our contracts w/verizon. despite the dropped calls. we've determined that NO ONE has good service in our home (as we live in a basement), and we like everything else about verizon. so we're about 99% sure on that. and my big decision is what phone to get. i'm thinking about this one. does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) with the motorola RAZR? i'd love to hear.

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Anonymous Jason had this to say:

Hate to say it, but the RAZR is horrible for reception. I think getting a new phone you'll probably get better reception in your basement, but the RAZR is known for not being very clear. I know my wife would have loved the pink one, but we didn't get it for that reason. If you want it for the trendy factor though, that's a different story. Your texas trip looks fun though. Our friends from there never stop talking about Blue Bell. Try Tillamook too, way good.

4:38 PM 

Blogger Stephanie had this to say:

I like how there's a bottle of meds next to your ice cream!

1:41 PM 

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