Monday, January 21, 2008

i had been hearing about a Ms. Sassy Pants in various bloggy circles, so i decided i'd check her out for myself. LOVE her blog. so i'm reading some archives when i come across a meme i want to steal.

and i thought exactly what she did when she saw it...... FREE BLOG FODDER!!!

without further ado - -

Name one person who made you laugh last night.

my husband. of course.

What were you doing at 8:00?
this morning? sleeping.

What were you doing thirty minutes ago?

What happened to you in 2006?
hard to remember. ... let's see. i had migraines every day all year long. i think that about covers it.

What was the last thing that you said out loud?
good night, I love you.

How many beverages did you have today?
loads of water, and 1/2 glass of horchata

What color is your hairbrush?
brown; a wood or some kind of faux wood handle.

What was the last thing that you paid for?
dinner at Costa Vida - we got a burrito and a salad and shared.

Where were you last night?

home most of the night; my husband took me out to dinner and we had great food.

What color is your front door?


Where do you keep your change?
mostly in the little change purse attached to my wallet.

What's the weather like today?
snow - cold - we ended up getting 10 or so inches.

What's the best ice cream flavor?
Moose Tracks. WHICH i can't eat anymore b/c of the chocolate. so my new favorite is

What excites you?

new clothes, SHOES

Do you want to cut your hair?
eh, probably not. i just cut it a week still forthcoming....

Are you over the age of 25?
Yep, barely.

Do you talk a lot?
eh, probably yes. but often i'm uninterested in talking on the phone. when my head hurts a lot, it's hard for me to figure out what to say, and i feel like an idiot most of the time.

Do you watch The O.C?
No. not even interested.

Do you know anyone named Steven?
eh, not in real life.

Do you make up your own words?
once in a while. my favorite is deslicious. it means super extra yummy.

Are you a jealous person?

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter A. i don't know if i have one anymore.

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter K.
Katie. my sister.

Who is the first person on your received call list?
my friend Janell.

What does the last text message you received say?
Mystery Solved. i found a couple of Christmas presents that were lost.

Do you chew on your straw?

Do you have curly hair?
not really. it's wavy-ish. mostly kinky and frizzy.

Where's the next place you are gonna go?
lunch with my friends!

Who's the rudest person in your life?
probably me. :)

What was the last thing you ate?
honey nut cheerios.

Will you get married in the future?

no, i'm planning on marriage being a one-time deal. already got married.

What was the best movie you have seen in the past two weeks?

the pursuit of happyness. great movie.

Is there anyone you like right now?
oh yes. #1 would be my husband....then all my family , then friends. i like lots of people.

When was the last time you did the dishes?
a loooong time, luckily my husband did them all today.

Are you currently depressed?
no, i get down sometimes, but always end up back where i am now; kind of ok with things, trying to do the best i can.

Did you cry today?
No, and i don't plan on it.

all right, friends, if you're interested......join in! let me know in comments if you play on your blog.

hopefully some real content coming soon!

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Blogger Terri had this to say:

Hi Emily, just a quick one. No, I usually don't have migraine like you do, just the odd aura with or without moderate one-sided pain. I do have intense eye pain from time to time, so my neuro does think I have a little migraine in me, but it is nothing compared to the larger tension-type headache issue which is chronic.

Gosh, I hope I don't get one while driving. I have to drive to work tomorrow for two appointment. Usually I take the train. I hope this passes. I think it is the over-tiredness from the new drug.

How have you been? Been meaning to catch up with you but I am barely commenting on anyone these days as I generally don't do it from work any more and have less time in the evenings since I have been sleeping a lot and trying to use our new treadmill! Hope all is well!! Later, Terri xo

1:33 PM 

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