Sunday, March 30, 2008
recent crochet projects

i've completed two crochet projects in the past month, and i tell you what, they've been fun. i'm pretty sure there's nothing better than making something for a baby girl. i have a new niece, on spencer's side. i just met her the other day. she is darling -- they call her annie.

of course this necessitated a baby blanket. here we have it. the pattern is called a Baby Ripple Afghan. i think next time i would do 2 solid colors instead of the variegated yarn.

the blanket is made of a bunch of long strips, then stitched together.

here it is mid-assembly:

and then all together:
and unfolded:

and then i came across this baby hoodie and i just couldn't resist. i went with plain pink.

and then this is the back of it:
the pom-pon is cute, but was ill-fated.

her parents were kind enough to put it on her, even though it is a bit too big right now. we can get the general idea, right?
adorable. she's just the cutest.

we had to get spencer in for a picture, as well:
that's all she wrote.

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Anonymous Caryn had this to say:

Those are beautiful! I'm so impressed by your crocheting skill--and your patience. I especially love the hoodie. It's absolutely darling.

4:45 PM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

I am so impressed! I esp. love the hoodie - and your husband is an extremely good sport!

6:44 PM 

Blogger kimberlie had this to say:

wow- they are great!! The hoodie is sooo cute-as is the bub!

8:06 PM 

Blogger Terri had this to say:

Emily, those are beautiful. I am so insanely impressed. How utterly lovely! What a sweet baby too. Little Annie, how darling!

Hope you are marvellous. You're so pretty with that wee baby! xo Terri

11:39 PM 

Blogger Migraine Chick had this to say:

I'm so impressed by your crocheting skill, too. I wish I could be crafty goddess like you!!

5:42 AM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

Goodness! That is fabulous, my friend. I've always wanted to be able to crochet like that, but I just have never learned to do it that well.

8:25 AM 

Blogger Julie had this to say:

I still can't believe that my little Annie was the lucky recipient of the gorgeous blanket and sweater! Thanks again--we love them!

9:17 AM 

Blogger Grim Reality Girl had this to say:

Girl -- not only are you skilled -- you are super photogenic! Great pics! Baby is cute too :-)

12:05 PM 

Blogger Connie had this to say:

Look what you can do! These are works of art too! Can you come and decode my doily instructions for me???

3:09 PM 

Blogger novaks8 had this to say:

soooo pretty!

I know basic crochet but never seem to find the time to learn more.

I am envious

4:54 AM 

Blogger Stephanie had this to say:


I have negative crochet skills.

10:44 PM 

Blogger Joanna had this to say:

That is adorable!! I'm sorry I've fallen off the blog-reading-commenting wagon but I'm trying to get better at it now that I have a "regular 9-5 type job." Whew! I have a lot of catching up to do, hope you are well!!

7:29 PM 

Blogger oz had this to say:

Great work, these are just beautiful! My crochet is not the best and I love to do it but do not have a lot of time. My kids all seem to think that store bought is better :(

10:40 AM 

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