Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i've been neglecting my dear blog lately.

i'm about 3 doctor's appointments behind. without further ado....

1 - GP who's been helping me w/my acne. she gave me another combination of things to try, as well as a referral to a dermatologist. you can only IMAGINE how much i want another specialist to see. :) yeah, not much. but this latest face concoction seems promising. we'll see.

2 - neurologist. this appointment was the impetus of my deciding to switch neurologists. as usual, it didn't go well. as usual, he seemed out of ideas and went on to explain that he saw many headache patients, etc., etc., and that when the medications don't work, it becomes clear that they aren't normal headaches or migraines. instead, something emotional is causing them. we've been over this several times before. i even went to see the pain psychologist -- for several months. i told him that, and that she (the pain psychologist) didn't feel like there were any emotional/psychologist issues that were causing or contributing to my migraines. his response? well, sometimes the issue can be so deep down, you don't even know what it is.


i did get two useful things out of the appointment -- first was a prescription for another preventative drug - lamictal. even though he feels it's useless to try, i have continued to push him, and he humors me. also a referral to the sleep clinic. i don't know that it'll help, but it can't hurt. even if sleep isn't a contributing factor to my migraines, it would be great to get some suggestions and ideas for better sleep. but who knows, maybe sleep problems *are* contributing to or causing these migraines.

3 - the pain clinic. this went well. sadly, one of the fellows who's been seeing me had his last week and will be going out on his own (private practice). but this appointment went well, we're trying a new long-acting painkiller. so far it's going well -- the only side effect i've noticed has been some drowsiness between doses. it works pretty well, but could be better. there is still some time in between doses where the pain returns fully. but there's more time that's nearly pain free, so that is fabulous. :)

if you've made it to the end of this loooong post, you deserve a star on your forehead, really.
thanks for reading. :)

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

I appreciate the updates! Let me know,I can go along to see some of these guys with you, if you want- the Muuminator

6:03 AM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

I like to hear about your updates! Your faithful readers care about you and your daily struggles, so keep the updates comin' girl!

I struggle with adult acne as well, and its just recently started to calm down. I HATE IT!!!! I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone in that battle.

Keep your chin up, sweetie. The girls say hi.

8:52 AM 

Blogger Joanna had this to say:

I think we are twins who were separated at birth! haha. I am still dealing with acne, but with all the headache junk, I don't keep up with the creams and stuff like I should ... We've also talked about having me go to a sleep clinic too, just to check that out as a factor. Even if it's not, I've always been a bad sleeper and wake up a few times a night (not to do anything, I just wake up, turn over, and fall back to sleep!)
I hope your new painkiller's side effects aren't too bad... painfree time = incredible time!
Glad you updated :-) I was getting worried about you!!

1:40 PM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how you've been doing.

2:34 PM 

Blogger Migraine Chick had this to say:

I think you're the one who deserves the gold star! My nerves would have been shot after seeing so many doctors.

3:09 PM 

Blogger Terri had this to say:

Thanks for the update. I know what you mean about specialists. Ugh. I just want to be normal. I have dermatological issues too - including dermatitis (sebbhoric, which is like facial dandruff!! lovely) on my face, leaving it red, raw and peeling half the time. And rosacea, the consequence of steroid use to control the dermatitis!


The neurologists have nothing to offer. I really wonder what the heck they really understand. And deep-seated emotional issues? Good heavens - constant headaches cause a lot more deep-seated emotional issues than I ever had before! But I think they are grasping at straws...

Hang in there!!

3:29 PM 

Blogger kimberlie had this to say:

Ahhh, sounds like you have been busy! I don't know if you have heard this before but there was a lady here in Oz who suffered from migraines badly. She ended up having an operation that blocked the 'pain receptors' so she didnt know if she was even having a migraine.

It seems fairly agressive, but last i heard she was doing well.

Good luck!

3:09 AM 

Blogger YoSafBridg had this to say:

hey emily,
i've found a great neurologist~we don't yet have my issues solved but she is determined to stay with it until we do, and she comes recommended by so many~contact me and i'll let you know

4:31 PM 

Blogger THW had this to say:

I have to say, you've got a great attitude when it comes to dealing with doctors who aren't making tremendous progress in solving your aches. I admire that.

For what it's worth, as frustrating as it is when doctors aren't able to get to the bottom of things and get you better, it's just as frustrating for doctors as well. Nothing makes me feel more worthless and inadequate than having to tell a patient that I don't have a good answer for their problems.

11:51 AM 

Blogger Grim Reality Girl had this to say:

1. I am glad to read the updates!
2. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions are worthwhile. Good call -- sleep clinic is a worthy investment of time. Sleep impacts everything.
3. Do not give up, one day your solution will arrive.
4. Sometimes a new doctor can bring a new perspective.

Good luck -- I'm cheering for you!!

2:16 PM 

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