Saturday, July 07, 2007

by the Muum

Seven things about me:

1. I’m left-handed. So is my mom. :) heehee. ok, that was cheating, i'll start for real now.

2. I was the most outspoken and even bossiest of my siblings, I am sorry to say. LOL, this is me too. although i'd describe myself more as mean and physically dominating, i'm sorry to say.

ok, no more copying, i promise. i'll start being original.

3. i feel guilty if i pay for parking. it's rare that i do, but my dad instilled this in me - Never pay for parking! so when i do, i feel like i've failed!

4. i love chapstick. i think i'm addicted to it. more recently, also extra peppermint gum.

5. i'm growing my hair out. it's never been much longer than it is now (a few inches past my shoulders). i'm *hoping* when it gets long it'll be easier to manage -- hear me out! b/c it's a little wavy, but not really, and not that straight either. it's kind of frizzy. but i'm hoping that being LONG will kind of weigh it down so it'll look better w/o having to be straightened. sounds crazy, i know. but i've got to try it. :)

6. i'm love shopping. love it. love shopping for me, for clothes, shoes, etc., and also for other ppl. luckily, i can get my 'fix' pretty often shopping for birthday presents for others. spencer and i both come from fairly big families. ::grin::

7. when i see chubby babies, i have to hold myself back from touching them - smooching their cheeks, feeling their rolls. i love smelling babies heads. (all friends w/babies, i promise i'm not as crazy as i just made myself sound. don't be afraid to let me hold your babies.) when i was younger i didn't understand how much a person can WANT a baby. some kinda hormone thing, i guess.

There’s my 7, I am tagging Edge (ooh double tag, whatcha gonna do?), Rasta Bob, Homer-cles, and anybody else who wants to play along.

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Anonymous Gretchie Lou had this to say:

I had the bruises to attest to #2...but she's an amazing sister now :)


7:20 PM 

Blogger Amber had this to say:

Tooooo cute. And I, too love chubby babies. Fortunately, I have given birth to two of them. When they're you own, you can smooch on 'em all day long. :-)

4:00 PM 

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