Monday, October 30, 2006
and it's monday again!

ah, my friends. i'm back. hopefully i'll start blogging more regularly again like a good little blogger. i have been visiting all your sites, but have been lurking. sorry!

whatever plague my husband was enjoying last week is now mine. i felt it in the back of my throat and top of my nose yesterday, and tonight it blossomed into a full blown YECH. i woke up at 2 AM with my throat sore and found myself coughing before i even knew what was going on. lol. of course at 2 AM it's too late to take any nyquil or sleeping pills, right? right. soooo i coughed and slept on and off all morning....then sent my long-suffering husband off in the wee hours to buy more nyquil, more dayquil, and some sweet fizzy vitamin C drink packets. i'm stocked, baby. so i'm trying to inundate my plague with vitamins and rest, hoping to head it off. :)

in more interesting news, my fish is bulimic. no, seriously, i have seen the proof with my own eyes. at first i thought he was just a very light eater, but then yesterday night i was watching him 'eat', and he gulped one of the little pellets down, and then SPIT IT BACK OUT! what's up, aren't the Betta Bits good enough for you, frank? harrumph. after a brief conference with the husband, i've decided that the fish is ungrateful and mean. no, just kidding, i think he may not be hungry as often as i've been feeding him. sooooo we go to one feeding a day now. see how he likes that.

for those of you with time to kill, check out Kingdom of Loathing. it's an online game that is hilarious and fun.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

well i've been gone for too long.

here's what happened yesterday; our bathroom flooded. we have a drain on the floor of our bathroom, and it flooded not only the bathroom, but also out into the hallway. the water has actually spread to most rooms of the house; bathroom, living room, and dining room. the kitchen and bedroom are untouched. our landlord is very kind and worked on it all day yesterday before bringing in a plumber to fix the problem. the plumber took the toilet apart and said it was tampons.


so this was all my fault. (it's important to note here that girls have never lived in this section of the house; usually 4 boys have shared it). the carpet is still drying out, and i feel badly. but i guess now i know! no flushing tampons in this house. but our landlord is still being really nice about it.

so that's where i've been lately! :)


Saturday, October 21, 2006

i went to a beading class with my sister this morning; it was lots of fun, and i learned a LOT too. :)

now for storytime. owlhaven has asked us for the story of our most interesting scar. i've got a fun one.

this happened my freshman year of college. i was attending OU as a piano performance major. most of the kids in my dorm didn't get up as early as i did, but i needed to get an early start to fit everything in! i started getting sick - my throat was REALLY sore, so much so that i could hardly swallow to eat or drink. so i went to the dr., and he said it was tonsillitis, basically my tonsils were infected, and that's why they had swelled up so much! so i started on the antibiotic, but i really needed to get back to classes - i'd been out for almost a week i think (?). so this day, i woke up and got in the shower. i remember feeling really dizzy, but my hair was all sudsy b/c i was washing it. then i came to on the shower floor.

**as an aside -- please note that this is the shower floor for all the girls on the floor, so gross that everyone wears flip flops. and i am LAYING (naked) on the floor. yuck. **

back to the story. i get up really fast, b/c i'm grossed out by the floor. too fast, and i pass out again. this time, when i come to, i take it slow, and sit up before i stand, etc. i wrap my towel around myself, and head back to my room. pass out one more time on the way there. get to my room, turn on the light (waking up my 3 roommates), and from here, i don't really remember. my roommate says i passed out again (!) and they got me into my bed. i just hadn't eaten or drank enough the past week, and the heat caused me to pass out. one of the times on the tile, i hit my chin. the doctor said i didn't need stitches, and just butterflied me right up. so NOW i have an x on the right corner of the underside of my chin. good story, right?

head on over to owlhaven to read other stories about scars. :)

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
What's for Dinner Wednesday?

What's for dinner tonight?

I made steak stir-fry. Here are the steps:

cut up beans from farmer's stand.
cut up steak from last weekend's BBQ
put those and a T. of oil in the skillet.
locate 'stir fry vegetable mix' in the freezer.
chip away at it until it's no longer one solid mass.
sample a bean.
add in some stir fry sauce, stir it around.

DONE! voila! it's that easy folks.

what did you guys have for dinner tonight?

Monday, October 16, 2006

sooo on a whim, i switched my blog over to BETA -- thinking this would just add a few new features, etc. it was kind of underwhelming because i go to comment on others' blogs, and i CAN'T comment on blogspot blogs unless they've switched to beta, too!! horrors!! soooo if i haven't commented lately, please know that i've tried! most recently, i tried to express all this to Grandi at Grandi's Grazings, b/c she was asking about this very issue!! lol.

but in other news, i have a friend to introduce you all to. his name is Frank, and he's my new fish! i just got him a week ago, but wasn't able to post with pictures, so i put it off.

here he is:

what a cutie, right? right. he lives on my nightstand, so we hang out together most of the time. that's it for me, but i'll just end with a push for those on Blogger to move to blogger beta!!! :)

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Friday, October 13, 2006

i'm baaaaaaaaack!! this time for good, friends.

here's the deal. we just moved into our new place. and the previous tenants hadn't disconnected their internet. sooo when we called to start ours up, they said we couldn't till the other guy disconnected his. so then he did. and then; you guess it, no internet. so then we had to get on the 'disconnect' list, then after they disconnected us, we had to wait for someone ELSE to come out and REconnect our service. which they did today. hilarious, right? yes, it WOULD be, if it hadn't left me without internet for SOOOOooo long.

but enough about that. i'm back. how are you all? how are your kids? can't wait to find out!!

this just in; my niece believes i should have either one kid or, better yet she says, negative one! i don't know what that means (negative one kid that is) -- this gem brought to you by a recent babysitting experience. i was changing a particularly rancid pullup of her brother's and she was shocked i couldn't do two other things at the same mommy. :)

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