Thursday, August 31, 2006

i found this quote on Yes, I am JUST a Mom.... today and had to share. it reminded me immediately of my sweet husband; he's my best friend.

"A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities." (William Arthur Ward)

in other news -- ok, there is no other news. tomorrow i'm going back to the pain clinic. i'm scheduled for more trigger point injections, but i don't think that's gonna go down. we shall see. i certainly didn't receive any benefits from the last treatment.

also, we're moving on saturday. so if posting is spotty, it's only because i'm busy, not because i don't love you!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What's for dinner tonight? tell me please!!

we're having pancakes -- if we're really hungry, we'll also have some eggs with them. not too exciting.

maybe one of you will be having something awesome; i reserve the right to change my mind if something better comes along. :)

leave me a note -- and be sure to visit the WFDW mothership, Crib Ceiling!

this is for my muum, who was wondering what muppet i was!

You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.
You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.
Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.
Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!
The Muppet Personality Test

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
the trigger point injections yesterday

well; first i'll just give you a rundown on the appointment. not stellar (on my part).

i got there, and started working with my physical therapist. she found the places where the injections were going to go, and marked them with pen on my neck and upper shoulder (like the muscle that runs across the neck to top of shoulder) --anyways, the process of finding and marking, was unfortunately painful, and caused my headache to be worse than it was when i came in. then the dr. came in, a really nice guy from africa with a cool african accent i was enjoying. he had to test every mark by causing the same pain, so he knew at what angle to stick the needle in. then once the needle in, he didn't inject the anesthesia until i felt the pain AGAIN, b/c then we both knew it was the right spot. so after the 6th or so injection, i'm in a fair amount of pain, and i'm having this frustrating thoughts passing through my head, 'why on earth do i have to do this?' i'm so tired of being poked and prodded and examined and trying new things that don't work...etc., and i start crying. the dr. and physical therapist are both still in the room. the dr. is worried that he made me cry. i tell him, no, i'm fine, i'm not in that much pain (b/c it wasn't like the amount of pain is what made me cry), and so we continue with the last few injections. i'm still crying. i ask the 2 of them if i can just have a minute to myself. i just want to compose myself. i feel like and IDIOT. i'm embarassed - i don't like crying in front of ppl. i hardly know. soooo they come back in a few minutes later. the dr. has a business card in his hand. i can see where this is going right away.

he says, 'i'm sure you know that it's standard procedure for every patient at our pain clinic to see a psychologist, as part of their treatment here. the only reason you haven't seen one yet is b/c our physcologists are booked out till december. but this psychologist (he hands me the card) is out in private practice, she used to work here. she specializes in relaxation therapies and coping techniques for chronic pain and illness.' now, to add to the humiliation of the appointment, i started laughing/crying about when he said 'standard procedure'. i just thought, how hilarious is this. but i wasn't far enough from the crying to only laugh, and i was thinking, oh man these guys think i'm psychotic so i was crying too. so after more reassurances that 'every patient is expected to see a psychologist' and 'it would appear that you have some pent up frustration and emotions about your pain', we moved on to finish out the appointment. stretching, instructions, etc. and i was out of there.


soooo here's the result of the injections (what you actually came here for, right?). my head hurts worse than it usually does -- and it hurts behind my eye as well as on my right temple - whereas it usually hurts just on my temple. my neck, where they gave the injections is stiff and hurts. they said usually the headaches get better straight away. sometimes, things get worse before they get better. apparently that's me. we're still hoping things will get better at some point.

after that, i went to lunch at cafe rio for a little treat. i love their steak salad.

edited to add: i should mention that i'm not at all opposed to seeing a psychologist. in fact, i've seen one before who didn't specialize in chronic pain, and wasn't able to help me as much as i would have liked with coping techniques and relaxation techniques for my headaches. so i'm pleased to be able to learn more about these things. it just felt ridiculous at the time. not the best timing for the whole "psychologist talk", but hey, whatever, right?

Sunday, August 27, 2006
more randomness

it's sunday; i'm feelin' good.

i woke up this morning at 7 am (early for me) to cramps. serious cramps. i know it sound girly and whiney to complain about menstrual cramps, but some of you know that cramps can be really bad. am i right? there are cramps where you feel a tinge now and then, and then cramps where you feel like you can't move and are laying on a heating pad. that was me. i made my husband get up and find me some meds; and mercifully, they worked. this was the second round of defense, b/c the first round (midol) didn't do ANYTHING. please tell me there is someone out there who knows what i'm talking about?

in any case, i'm doing good now.

what else? tomorrow is my first trigger point appointment at the pain clinic. i'm excited. i'm really really hoping for the best. but trying not to expect too much or get my hopes up, you know? keep your fingers crossed for me, say a prayer for me (if you also believe in prayer).

i went to one of my good friends' wedding yesterday; it was beautiful. i cried. there was more family drama than was desirable. but thankfully, the couple is doing well, and headed out safely for their honeymoon.

also? on a completely unrelated note, i feel that i simply MUST show these to you. my nephew (he's 3) has a pair of madras shorts, and every time i see them, i'm jealous. i want a pair of madras shorts!! they are SO cute and preppy and adorable! alas, i believe i must wait for a lower priced pair than these. :0)

Friday, August 25, 2006

well, at long last we've found an apartment. praise be!!

it's the basement of a house near(ish) to the university. the couple living upstairs is about our age, and own the place. they seem really nice. we're planning to sign the papers this weekend. i'm excited, except for the packing. i'm kind of dreading that, but i'm sure it'll be ok. this is actually a 2 bedroom apartment, we'll probably use one of them for a dining room and just have a big living room.

no other exciting news to report; i'm off to a bachelorette party.....then the wedding and reception tomorrow. busy busy. i hope i can make it through all of this with my headache. another storm came through today, so it's going at full bore, and i have a feeling this is going to be a late night. but most likely not for me. fingers crossed! i always feel bad leaving social occasions early, like everyone else will think i'm using the headache as an excuse. it's hard to explain, especially without dampening the atmosphere, that my head's been hurting and i just can't take it anymore. so i just feel like a schmoe most of the time.

Happy birthday to one of my most favorite bloggers; Shannon at Rocks in my dryer!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

i liked what terri said in comments about the last post; she mentioned something about how i was biting my nails in the before picture. that made me laugh.

unfortunately, i'm just a nail biter. not when i'm nervous, just always.

in other news, we got a mattress pad today, and i'm loving it. it's like a facelift for our mattress. hooray!

i'm tiring of the summer storms; i never remembered utah having so much rain until i have these migraines; and they get so much worse when a storm is coming, i am painfully aware of every one. today has been better. yesterday was pretty lame.

this weekend, one of my friends is getting married. i'm going to the bachelorette party. did you all have bachelorette parties? i didn't. should be fun times. wow, this post is seriously the most boring ever. come back later for something that might be interesting!! lol.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hi friends! it's time for show and tell! i got my hair done today. this is pre-getting hair done:

this is post-getting hair done; we got highlights and lowlights and a trim. i love it. (ignore the fake grin, it's only b/c we had to take so many shots to get this one. the rest made me look either zitty or like a man.) but i do like the hair. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006
miscellaneous pictures for MONDAY!

well blogger is surely taking its sweet time with uploading pictures today! above is the cheesecake i made for my dad's birthday. it was yummy.

below is a picture of my niece's slice. we served it with strawberry slices, and as you can see, the strawberries have all been eaten. also, a small taste was taken of the cheesecake. however, it was found not to be to her liking. so what do you do? pour your milk on it, of course! lol. i had a good laugh when we saw her plate later. so i had to take a picture and show it to you all.

we still haven't found an apartment -- luckily we've got about 3 weeks to find somewhere before we leave here. plenty of time, right?

and finally, a picture of me and the graduate; my little sister, G. :) congratulations!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

hi everybody! guess what?

i'm not on vacation! the whole trip was cancelled. wow. soooo i've got an entire week free with even fewer plans than usual!

my younger sister graduated last week (from college) --- and being there, and watching her receive her diploma, and walk in, was the definition of the word bittersweet. i couldn't be happier for her. she's worked hard and deserves this diploma.

but me. yes, it's always about me, isn't it? at least on my blog it is. :) she started school 2 years after me, and she's finished. i'm not finished, and i'm not even making PROGRESS towards finishing, b/c i've got these blessed migraines. it's just so frustrating. i get tired of it sometimes, tired of the headaches, but even more, tired of my life and what it has become; a careful balancing act between feeling bad and too bad, and making sure i REST enough. a person shouldn't have to REST unless they're a child, pregnant, or old. i'm not!!

whew. sorry. i don't like to be negative, but sometimes.....i guess everybody's got to blow off some steam!

i'll be back later with the kind of cheery drivel you've come to expect. ;)

Thursday, August 17, 2006
so long, farewell, auf wiederzen good night!

hi friends;

i'll be gone for a while; i'm going with my family (sans hubby) to visit the oregon coast. it should be lovely. lest you think we don't like him, i should mention that he is staying home voluntarily, b/c he can't miss any more work before school starts.

can't wait to catch up on all the blogs once i get back!! see ya later!

sassy lime OUT.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thirteen random thoughts

1. we've decided to move.
2. i'm glad.
3. hopefully closer to spencer's school
4. and hopefully nicer.
5. this move is made possible by a financial surprise this week.
6. i also bought some SWEET black boots (nine west) at Ross for $30.
7. regular price? $125.
8. i know, i'm awesome.
9. i'm also exhausted; physical therapy wore me out.
10. and i didn't even DO much, mostly she just poked and prodded and hurt me.
11. back to the black boots; they have a kitten heel, and pointy toes, and are Sooo cute.
12. Ross also had calvin klein jeans; which were amazing, but i wanted mine to be an inch longer. alas, no jeans for me.
13. i'm excited to choose an apartment though! mostly so we don't have to look anymore! bwahahahaha!

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and so i'm back; from outer space

HI! what's for dinner tonight, guys? i think we're going to have a salad of some variety; we've got spinach that needs eatin'!

what are you having?

today is my rescheduled physical therapy appointment. if they have screwed this up, they're going to see what an unhappy sassy lime looks like....

visit the WFDW mothership over at Crib Ceiling. :) and let me know in comments if you're playing, too.

Sunday, August 13, 2006
linky links

my husband edited one of the pictures he took of me at carmel; i think he did a great job. if you have time to visit his site and look around, he loves comments and ratings on his pictures. :)

and in another plea for internet attention, my little sister (10) and my niece (7) have both started BLOGS! they've caught the fever, people. i'm hoping that my readers can go give them a big bloggy welcome!!! show them the love, people, show them the love!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

i am more messed up than i thought.

yesterday was FRIDAY. i was wondering why so few ppl. were visiting my thurs. 13.

it's because they had already visited all the 13s, and it was FRIDAY!!

too funny. remember what i said about life moving too fast? this is like PROOF.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Thirteen random thoughts

1. we just found out that our lease runs out at the end of this month.
2. so we're trying to decide where we're going to live -- today.
3. i forgot that our lease runs out this month; i thought we had till the end of sept. b/c i'm stupid like that.
4. we're thinking seriously about moving up on campus.
5. i also really want to go visit my sister today!
6. i've been trying all week to get over there, but have been busy and/or not feeling well enough.
7. i went to a bridal shower last night; and we didn't play ANY games. it was refreshing.
8. sometimes, does it seem like life's going too fast and you want just a day to catch up?
9. i'm feeling that way now.
10. but at long last i got all the pain clinic appointments worked out.
11. it took forever on the phone. and i'm thinking, isn't this what you do? why is it like pulling teeth to make appointments with you?
12. these ppl. need to clean up their act. i'm irritated with them.
13. sorry for such a grumpy sounding 13! i'm really not; just frustrated!!!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
the dr.s appointment yesterday

wow. i don't even know where to begin.

let's start from the beginning (a very good place to start....)

i check in 10 minutes early for my 3:30 appointment. all is well in the world. they take be back around 3:40 or so. still, normal. no one comes to see me for 45 minutes. i'm a little peeved, but at the same time, this isn't too strange. to irritate me further, instead of sending my doctor or physical therapist, they send me a medical student i've never met before and who has no idea why i'm there or much about my pain in general. fun. like i want to explain this to you. where's my doctor?

doctor comes in about 20 minutes later (we're at 4:45 now), an hour and 15 minutes after my apointment was set for. i'm not too happy, but really, just chilling. i wouldn't be so irritated if my head wasn't hurting so dang much. irony!! so dr. starts talking about what we're planning to do on the first follow up visit; physical therapy followed by trigger point injections. i'm confused. 'sooooo do you want me to go to physical therapy now?'. he's confused. 'what do you mean?' 'this IS the first followup appointment'. doctor excuses himself. comes back. there is no physical therapy appointment set up for me today. we can't do trigger point injections until AFTER i've had physical therapy. perfect. he goes to see if any of the physical therapists are available. no, they're all leaving for the day or have left. wonder why? possibly because it's nearly 5 pm?? soooo he says they're not going to charge me for this visit and apologizes for the scheduling mishap. i'm thinking, 'darn right you're not going to charge me!' clearly, that would be ridiculous. you haven't done anything except waste my time.

so i'm ready to leave, and have to stop by the scheduling desk again (where this all started) to schedule a replacement appointment for this one that didn't happen. and we are going to have physical therapy too! but (to top the appointment off perfectly) their computers are down and they can't schedule me now. would i call back tomorrow? wow. i'd love to. i've called the scheduling lady 3 times already today, and left her a message. guess what. she hasn't called me back. so i'm feeling all kinds of warm fuzzies for my pain clinic today. HA!

in summary; i greatly appreciate all the well wishes for my appointment yesterday, but NOTHING happened. those do-do brains.

Monday, August 07, 2006

hi everyone. i'm back. my sisters and mom and i got together for our women's retreat... and it was loads of fun. pictures are forthcoming. of course. we made fall wreaths, learned about freezer cooking and personal histories and interviewing, and scanned some printed pictures into mom's computer. we also ate lots of good food (of course) and laughed a lot. it was fabulous.

today is the much anticipated physical therapy and trigger point injection appointment. a mere 3 hours away.

in more important news, my sister-in-law and spencer's younger brother had their baby on saturday! we were lucky enough to get to go visit them yesterday in the hospital; and he is just the most adorable thing EVER! mother and baby are (thankfully) both doing well.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

thanks for the banner go to Novelist in Training!

Thirteen things i'm looking forward to:

1. this weekend; my sisters and mom are getting together for GIRL'S weekend. there'll be good food, lots of laughs, and all sorts of hilarity.

2. monday; my first physical therapy/trigger point injection appointment at the pain clinic. i, of course, have high hopes.

3. trip to oregon; coming up later this month to visit my grandma; i adore her and love visiting the oregon coast!!

4. birthdays this month!! there are 3....i'll leave it at that. (and none of them are mine).

5. a shower today!! hooray! i've cleaned my kitchen, and now i get a shower!

6. going to the pharmacy later; NOT!! i hate going to the pharmacy with a passion unequaled. it always takes forever and i always end up paying waaaaay more $$ than i'd like.

7. maybe a date tonight? spencer?

8. my blog actually working; yesterday, not so much.

9. visiting my in-laws for christmas; this is way off, i know, but i'm looking forward to it, anyhow.

10. leftover pizza for lunch! yum!

11. shopping for gifts later on today; i just love shopping for presents!

12. leftover pizza for lunch!

13. reading everyone else's thursday 13!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
and we're back

it's tuesday; the migraine specialist's scheduler called me yesterday for a last minute appointment; someone cancelled, so i got to go in this morning. i am so tired of talking about headaches i could scream!! so maybe i'll fill you in on this appt. another time.

for now, something else. anything! please! we had an intense storm this morning, like a storm you'd see in the midwest. it rained and rained for hours!

i've loved reading the BlogHer posts; my sister and i were talking the other day about how everyone was gone at blogher, and it seemed like no one was posting!! so we're happy everyone's back, and loved seeing pictures of all the fun. :)

i think i'm gonna watch a movie; either emma or fiddler on the roof....

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