Monday, July 30, 2007
Girl's weekend recap

edited to add: finally got the pictures working. thanks for being so patient. :)

Every year, my mom and sisters and I get together for a girl's weekend. this involves lots of fun, food, laughter, and relaxation.

that was this past weekend. for another recap, see my muum's, here.

we rented a hotel room nearby for the weekend, and my job was the snack czarina. that is, the one who brings the snacks. here i am w/a few of my chocolate offerings. :) please note the crown; only worn by the snack czarina. it's really quite an honor.

moving on. my craft (that i was teaching) was jewelry. when i first arrived, i wanted to show muum the beads i chose for her. unfortunately, i'm a huge klutz. sooo i dropped the container holding the smallest beads onto the floor, where the spilled beads made for lots of fun. muum helped me pick them up.

here is my sister G, checking out the jewelry tools.

after lunch, we had to stop at the Quilted Bear, which is basically a huge craft bazaar. here are a few of the cutest things i saw.

there were TONS of other fabulous things. too many to take pictures of. :)

then saturday afternoon, spencer brought me the laptop. here he is going in for the kiss.

last, but CERTAINLY not least, my newest shoes. they are my first and only leopard print item. i love them. flats. so cute.

that's it! the other bloggers went to blogher. me? i went to girls' weekend. :)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i've been neglecting my dear blog lately.

i'm about 3 doctor's appointments behind. without further ado....

1 - GP who's been helping me w/my acne. she gave me another combination of things to try, as well as a referral to a dermatologist. you can only IMAGINE how much i want another specialist to see. :) yeah, not much. but this latest face concoction seems promising. we'll see.

2 - neurologist. this appointment was the impetus of my deciding to switch neurologists. as usual, it didn't go well. as usual, he seemed out of ideas and went on to explain that he saw many headache patients, etc., etc., and that when the medications don't work, it becomes clear that they aren't normal headaches or migraines. instead, something emotional is causing them. we've been over this several times before. i even went to see the pain psychologist -- for several months. i told him that, and that she (the pain psychologist) didn't feel like there were any emotional/psychologist issues that were causing or contributing to my migraines. his response? well, sometimes the issue can be so deep down, you don't even know what it is.


i did get two useful things out of the appointment -- first was a prescription for another preventative drug - lamictal. even though he feels it's useless to try, i have continued to push him, and he humors me. also a referral to the sleep clinic. i don't know that it'll help, but it can't hurt. even if sleep isn't a contributing factor to my migraines, it would be great to get some suggestions and ideas for better sleep. but who knows, maybe sleep problems *are* contributing to or causing these migraines.

3 - the pain clinic. this went well. sadly, one of the fellows who's been seeing me had his last week and will be going out on his own (private practice). but this appointment went well, we're trying a new long-acting painkiller. so far it's going well -- the only side effect i've noticed has been some drowsiness between doses. it works pretty well, but could be better. there is still some time in between doses where the pain returns fully. but there's more time that's nearly pain free, so that is fabulous. :)

if you've made it to the end of this loooong post, you deserve a star on your forehead, really.
thanks for reading. :)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i tried to clean up my blogroll: there were a couple on there who'd stopped blogging. :/ oops.

but the reason to do so was that i have two great bloggers to add!

one is a new blogger, my sister-in-law, Julie! she's writing all about her adventures w/her little boy (my nephew). and he is ADORABLE. please do welcome her to the blogosphere. :)

the second is a seasoned blogger i've just come to know recently -- Kate of the Walking Kateastrophe. she sounds like she's possibly as much a klutz as i am! and, as my husband can attest, that's no small feat. ;) she's hilarious. do visit her, have a laugh.

that's it - hopefully i've remembered to add everyone. if i've been visiting your site but haven't added you, please feel free to remind me. :) i'm not being mean, just clueless.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

calling all migraineurs ---

i read a great article just now about the physical processes of a migraine. and even better, it was written by someone who GETS migraines, and is not a doctor (you can understand what she's saying).

check it out.

also, if you suffer from any chronic illness (and are a woman), you would really be doing yourself a favor to check out

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

by the Muum

Seven things about me:

1. I’m left-handed. So is my mom. :) heehee. ok, that was cheating, i'll start for real now.

2. I was the most outspoken and even bossiest of my siblings, I am sorry to say. LOL, this is me too. although i'd describe myself more as mean and physically dominating, i'm sorry to say.

ok, no more copying, i promise. i'll start being original.

3. i feel guilty if i pay for parking. it's rare that i do, but my dad instilled this in me - Never pay for parking! so when i do, i feel like i've failed!

4. i love chapstick. i think i'm addicted to it. more recently, also extra peppermint gum.

5. i'm growing my hair out. it's never been much longer than it is now (a few inches past my shoulders). i'm *hoping* when it gets long it'll be easier to manage -- hear me out! b/c it's a little wavy, but not really, and not that straight either. it's kind of frizzy. but i'm hoping that being LONG will kind of weigh it down so it'll look better w/o having to be straightened. sounds crazy, i know. but i've got to try it. :)

6. i'm love shopping. love it. love shopping for me, for clothes, shoes, etc., and also for other ppl. luckily, i can get my 'fix' pretty often shopping for birthday presents for others. spencer and i both come from fairly big families. ::grin::

7. when i see chubby babies, i have to hold myself back from touching them - smooching their cheeks, feeling their rolls. i love smelling babies heads. (all friends w/babies, i promise i'm not as crazy as i just made myself sound. don't be afraid to let me hold your babies.) when i was younger i didn't understand how much a person can WANT a baby. some kinda hormone thing, i guess.

There’s my 7, I am tagging Edge (ooh double tag, whatcha gonna do?), Rasta Bob, Homer-cles, and anybody else who wants to play along.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007
let me tell you about my day

so it all started when i woke up this morning at 4 am. why, you might ask? i have no idea.

but i did. couldn't get back to sleep till 6:30/7 am, despite trying various methods.

soooo i got back to sleep around 6:30/7 and slept till 1 pm. you can see that this is the beginning to a fabulous day, right? not so much.

anyone with migraines can see this is the prelude to a horrible, no good, very bad day.

but that's actually not the point of the post, the point is that on days like today, i make use of the 'freezer meal'. either something i've cooked beforehand and frozen, or something made by a company and made for convenience. if i don't feel well enough to do it, spencer can.

tonight it was a stouffer's skillet - beef w/broccoli. this was good. really easy (this is key) and still tasty. it was normally 6 or 7 dollars, but i got it on sale for 4. these (and others like them) are my key to surviving dinner some nights. :)

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
more than meets the eye

so i saw the new transformers movie last night.

i have to say, it was about 100 times better than i thought it'd be. it was, in a word, sweet. i have memories of watching the show and playing with transformers - i'm a child of the 80's. so it was awesome.

my husband says the last time he enjoyed a movie that much was when he saw Independence Day for the first time. if that gives you any indication. to be sure, it's not a dramatic masterpiece BUT the action is fantastic, and if you have the nostalgia for transformers, you should see this movie.

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