Saturday, December 31, 2005
Happy New Year~!

what, you might be wondering, am i doing to celebrate the ringing in of the new year? absolutely nothing! i will most likely be asleep when it comes! i finally caught whatever horrific cold/flu my husband had last week -- blech. i thought it was going to pass me by, but i am not so lucky!

the past two days were spent going to and from boise, idaho. and although there are many many things one would want to visit in that fabulous town, we were just there for spencer's friend's wedding. he was married in the boise, idaho temple, and we drove in the night before with some friends -- sadly, the trip back was not as pleasant as it could be b/c there was a storm rolling through - including wind, rain, slush, ice, and snow~! gah! i hate driving in that stuff. so i am still unneccesarily paranoid about driving (or being the passenger) in that kind of weather since my accident a year ago (in similar horrible icy conditions). but thankfully, we arrived home safe and sound.

what i *REALLY* need right now is some curry in a hurry. sadly, my indentured servant.. i mean husband can't be convinced to go out and get me any. :( probably because he already figured out what we're having for dinner. i just didn't realize earlier that i wanted indian food! but now i do!

seriously, though, he's been taking really good care of me. i'm even more of a brat than usual with this cold -- usually it's just a headache/nausea, my head is stuffed up and i feel like i've been run over by a truck. this doesn't make for a particularly pleasant emilir. he's taking good care of me. :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
the middle of the week

well, some exciting news in the world of emily; tomorrow spencer and i are going to leave for a wedding up in idaho! i don't think i've ever been to idaho before. if i have, it was just driving through. one of spencer's very good friends is getting married on friday, and we have been invited. of course, being the masters of planning ahead, we'll go out today to purchase the wedding present. ;)

it's been great to have spencer home for the break; he's been able to just relax and hang out this week, so that has been a welcome change for both of us! soon it'll be back to the regular grind, but for now i'm really enjoying having him home!

Sunday, December 25, 2005
Merry Christmas!

well -- i want to wish those of you who celebrate Christmas a very merry Christmas -- and to those of you who don't; happy Hannukah - happy kwanzaa - and happy holidays.

i'm not trying to be politically correct; and i don't think that the conservative Christian right is taking over America......i also don't think that being too 'tolerant' of others' religions will dim our own celebrations or beliefs......but i do believe that it can be insulting to others for us to assume that their own beliefs mirror our own. while people mean it to be friendly and cheery, seems to me that if i were jewish i'd get tired of hearing 'merry christmas!' around this time of year.

just my humble opinion. and since this is my blog, hey! that's what you get to read!

happy holidays everyone~!

Friday, December 23, 2005
another day, another dollar

what does the title mean?

i don't know. but spencer and i have had a MARVELOUS day, in spite of my having a headache today. it was better and then worse, and then better, and then -- you get the picture. but he came with my grocery shopping (always a treat for me), and then took me out to lunch at cafe rio -- which i loved. then afterwards, out of the blue he suggested we get some ice cream. i was like, um 'YEAH?!' i love ice cream. so that was awesome. ah, first things first. he turned in his project this morning, thus allowing for all the fun. (fun fun till her daddy takes the T bird away...)

in any case, after that i made some more cookies -- chocolate chip, for this weekend's family get together. tomorrow i need to finish making the thumbprint cookies. the dough is done, but i got too tired afterwards to do the rest.

tomorrow afternoon is go time for family festivities. we're all going over to my sister's house for the Christmas eve traditions: including (but not limited to) the reading of the Christmas story - the picking out of insanely sugary cereal (read: arguing over) --- and whatever other things suit our fancy! it's gonna be like a giant sleepover; everyone who's coming is going to be there the night that's cool. be there or be square, baby!

Thursday, December 22, 2005
golf carts

so earlier today, husband and i were driving down the highway -- heading to drop off a few presents; when he sees an entire semi full of golf carts! 'there you go' he says, 'all the golf carts you could ever need.'

i told him 'i only need one!' -- this hearkens back to days when i was trying to go to school (college) full time while i had the migraines occuring daily. needless to say, it wasn't pretty. one thing i found for sure, though, is that i was a lot better off the less i had to walk around. it was especially bad if i spent a lot of time walking up hills or stairs. this just gets the blood pumping, which is GREAT if you're looking for cardiovascular exercise, but really *not great* if the beat of your heart is also the beat of your migraine. raising the old heart rate really makes the headaches worse. soooooo, always a woman of great intellectual prowess, i told him that what i needed was a golf cart to drive around in. i was cool in the buildings, you know, they have elevators and stuff. and i could do that little bit of walking. but GETTING there, that was a big challenge. my dear husband said that they are expensive. :( hm. not good. well then, how about a wagon? you could pull me around? or a shopping cart? that seems to be a really good solution for many homeless people -- they keep all their stuff in it, i would just ride in it. spencer says the shopping cart is illegal (darn!) and the wagon is ridiculous. hmmmmm...thinking...thinking....

finally i hit upon the perfect solution: an ostrich. that's right. i'll just ride an ostrich around campus. you've seen the swiss family robinson, right? well, you're not going to believe this, but he said it was 'impractical'. party pooper.

no feeling well again today -- unfortunate, yes, but it's ok. i feel grateful that i had enough good days that i was able to get all our Christmas shopping and wrapping done. spencer doesn't have time; he's finishing up his senior project. and it is important that it get done!

so i've been in bed resting all morning (and the early afternoon) -- spencer is driving me to drop off a few presents at his aunt's house, and then we need to pick up a few things at the grocery store. ah yes. my life is the stuff that novels are made of. very boring novels, at least. if i feel better later on i'll make some more cookies. if i can't get a second batch made soon, the batch i first made will be stale! ack.

i had this crazy dream last night (actually this morning) that i slept in (accurate so far....) and when i woke up, there were TONS of people in our apartment. ours is not a large apartment, so even just a large group will seem crowded. but in my dream there were hundreds and hundreds; there was actually a bus out front that had brought a lot of them. i finally found spencer and asked him what was going on; he said that we were hosting the stake barbeque. i said, well i wish you would've told me about this. he said 'i did!' pretty hilarious stuff.

that is all.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
more KFC happenings....

so if all else fails, and you can't think of any super easy gourmet food.....go to KFC! yes, that's the answer!

whilst we were at KFC, enjoying the ambiance and fried chicken (with Zinger sauce) -- i tried to make a joke. you'd think my husband, who loves me so much, would be kind of on my wavelength, and get my jokes, right? WRONG! he said, and i quote, "sometimes when you try to make a joke, you confuse me more than make me laugh." ouch. he didn't mean it as an insult, he just was genuinely confused at my attempt at humor.

now THAT was a zinger. ;)


wellllllll it's only wednesday, but it feels like saturday! crazy how that works. hubby is home, working on his senior project from here. so that's really nice. unfortunately, i am (again) not feeling well. blech.

the past two days were reasonably good. but today just isn't. i did get to go over to my sister's house this afternoon; but not for long. i just wasn't up to it! my husband was kind enough to drive me over there. :)

hey does anybody have any ideas for delicious food that'll cook itself? b'/c that's about what i want right about

Monday, December 19, 2005
still monday -- can you BELIEVE it?

yes, the day is nearly done; i did make the cookies (one set at least) and the bread. so while it feels *great* to get that out of my system, i have a headache back again. i'm not sure if it just got worse on its own, or if i overdid it today with my 'strenuous' activities. yikes, it's like i'm 90 years old or something. hello???? i cooked for a few hours!?!? we just won't go there ;)

but i made some snickerdoodles, and tomorrow i'll make maybe some jam thumbprint cookies, or maybe some sugar cookies to frost. that'd be fun. seems to me that when you got cookies from neighbors, the best plates were the ones that had more than one kind of cookies on them....

of course that always leads to 'favorite' and 'less favorite' cookies...right? ah well, what can you do?

monday :-)

well, it's a beautiful monday morning here in salt lake city; i woke up and there was snow on the ground; it's actually really pretty and serene looking. and even better, i don't have to go out in it! later today i do, but this morning i am just hanging out at home, awaiting the UPS man and my husband's lappy top..... :) we're hoping they'll let me sign for it. but by the time i have to go out this afternoon, the roads will probably be cleared.

i'm feeling better today; this makes me really REALLY happy; i hope that keeps up so i can do a few of the things i've been wanting to: like make christmas cookies, make some homemade bread - you know, fun christmas stuff!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

well the party last night was fun; we got to meet some new people.....

also my husband is really really happy b/c his laptop is coming tomorrow. he = super happy.

i am feeling....blech. there's just no better way to describe it. i'm going stir crazy, i have about 200 things i want to do (thankfully fewer than that i need to do), and i've had several bad days in a row....days of just resting and doing a lot of nothing. i went to church today, but only made it through the first hour. i really hope tomorrow is better~!

Saturday, December 17, 2005
saturday is a special day

eh. my head hurts again today. i wish it wouldn't, especially because tonight is the ward Christmas party. we'll probably still go for a little while, but it's just unfortunate. i don't really enjoy social situations of any kind when i'm in pain like this. i feel less than human, and definitely not myself; no hint of the sparkling personality that is ME. haha j/k.

we are doing some laundry today, and also we went to the grocery store for a few things. other than that, what can i say? life is not too interesting!

Friday, December 16, 2005

well, friday has come and (almost) gone, and few things of note have happened.

but one important thing DID: my doctor CALLED ME!!!
so this is good news. he apologized for the delay, and we talked about my meds and how i was doing, etc., etc., i told him that the anti seizure med was helping;but not enough. it was allowing me to have good days, but i still have plenty of bad days. so we're going to up the dosage over the next 2 weeks, and if the headaches aren't better by then, we'll add a medicine for the headaches.

it is at this point that i mentioned that i've had some 'trouble getting a hold of you' -- before i could even finish, he says, well just have my secretary page me. and i'm thinking -- 'why haven't i been paging you these past 3 weeks?' but of course i didn't say that. i was working hard to be polite, mostly so he doesn't blacklist me and never call back! soo, all in all the conversation went well. it also went EXACTLY like i thought it would, so it's frustrating to have to wait three weeks to hear it before i can change the dosage. but i guess i don't have a medical degree. heck, i don't have any degree!

ah well. so that is the situation. we shall see how it goes!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005
it all began at walmart

that's right. my headache was much better today......then i went to walmart. and i'm being serious here, not even joking, that my headache was 10 times worse when i left that store. now it could be the millions of other shoppers, and the fact that i couldn't go around a corner without running into someone, or waiting for someone, or WHATEVER. it also could be the noise associated with said people. but i honestly think it's the flourescent lighting. no, no, hear me out~!

i think since my headaches are caused by seizure activity, the fast flickering of flourescent lights makes my headaches worse. i've noticed it when i go to stores, and also at church (where they also have flourescent lighting).

does that mean i can have an 'i hate walmart' shirt too?

thursday morning...feeling better than last night! this is good. and my husband surprised me by staying here and working from home for a while this morning. it's always fun to see him at breakfast. usually (ok always during the week) i wake up so late that he's already gone...

it is now December 15th, and we still haven't turned on the heat. just FYI. for even more information, it got down to 13 degrees (farenheit) last night, and is currently a balmy 22 outside.

also it's now been 3 weeks that i've been waiting for my doctor's phone call. he still hasn't called back. i've started calling him everyday. doesn't seem to have any effect. might need to go back to the pizza idea......(see dec. 8 post...)

well, hopefully i can get the remainder of our Christmas shopping/shipping done today. i'd feel super cool then. :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
KFC happenings...

so i wasn't feeling good today (See previous post....) so when my husband got home, he took me out to dinner....we went to KFC. so this was very sweet, of course, b/c i hate trying to cook w/a migraine. so then our KFC meal is done with, and i started to get a hankering for a sundae with caramel.

i know what you're thinking right now - you pig! oink oink oink!!! greasy fried chicken with a biscuit and potato wedges aren't enough for you? you need ice cream too? ugh. you = disgusting.

but i cannot lie, even if the whole internet world thinks i'm a horrible fat pig. i seriously wanted this sundae. soooo spencer was nice enough to get it to split with me. this of course made me really happy. it was the kind where they layer hot caramel with soft serve vanilla -- you know? near the bottom of the sundae, there was a stubborn piece of caramel stuck to the side, which i was valiantly trying to free.......however, in true emily fashion, my spoon came quickly unstuck, and the ice cream was flung from the spoon, onto my forehead. truly.

that was really funny. probably one of the funniest things i've ever done, and one of the dorkiest. that's really saying something, considering the really idiotic and clutzy things i do. if only i had a picture for you, my blogging audience. but alas, there was a wet nap nearby, and i cleaned my forehead off.

it was getting sticky. :-)

a new post for wednesday:

still not feeling good today......this is especially unfortunate because tonight is the young women's mystery dinner...i need to bring salad for 40, and drinks and ice also.....additionally, i'm supposed to be there to help set up, and serve throughout the night. unless things change dramatically....i don't think i'll last the night! (that sounded overly dramatic....i didn't mean i'd die or something, just that i wouldn't be able to do all that i was expected to do, for the whole night).....

yesterday was pretty nondescript...i thought i had finished my christmas shopping, but then spencer reminded me of a few more gifts.....of course, but we are NEARLY done. everything's wrapped except for one present which i must first assemble. ooh, that is mysterious sounding.

i think i'm gonna go rest in bed. for a long time. :)



Here is a math trick; they SAY it might get me thinking, but not to worry, it didn't. ;) hee hee i think that's why i like these things so much, is i don't think them through they still seem really cool.! i know there's a reasonable explanation, but when you don't know it, it's still a trick!

Here is a math trick that might get you thinking...

1. Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one inyour head)
2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOTthe area code)
3. Multiply by 80
4. Add 1
5. Multiply by 250
6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number
7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
8. Subtract 250
9. Divide number by 2.

Do you recognize the answer?

Monday, December 12, 2005
out of control Christmas lights!

if you want to see more crazy christmas lights, go to

well, today has been a good day (so far) headache hasn't gotten too bad, despite a lot of shopping. i got some presents mailed to far away family, and most of the rest of my presents bought. so this is good. there are presents left to buy, but now they're the MINORITY instead of....well, the overwhelming majority.

also realized last night that i spent more on my dear hubby than i's just when you add it all know. i love buying him stuff. :-)

here's a link to a neat website. it's called 63 gift ideas for under $10. lots of good ideas, too. i haven't had occasion to put it into action, but it did help spawn some great gift ideas......i was thinking today, how lucky i am to be able to spend christmas with all of (my side of) my family; we are sad to miss spencer's family this year.....but i'm so grateful that everyone is well and living nearby, and we're going to be together. it's been a few years since everyone was there.

ACK! reminder to self: MUST CHANGE OIL IN CAR SOON!!!!!!! before the car stops functioning. yikes. must, must must do that!

well it's monday again! only 12 shopping days left before says my desktop counter.

i'm feeling better this morning than i was last night; no nausea and not a bad headache, when last night i had both! spencer and i have decided that it is almost definitely the sour cream; not that it's bad (b/c it's not), but it's reduced fat, and i never get that kind....they were probably out of the regular, full fat version at the supermarket....but maybe my stomach doesn't appreciate the low fat version? i don't know. weird. i'm gonna throw that sour cream out TODAY!

not a lot else going on might have noticed my new glittery name (upper left hand corner...) spencer had to help me get that on here. but i love it!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

i hate to post about something else negative; that is, griping. but i'm gonna anyways.

so this is the SECOND week in a row that our newspaper boy (whoever he may be) hasn't delievered us a paper! so i decided i'd better call the subscription office and complain. i hope not to get the kid in trouble, but mainly i want my paper! if it wasn't the Sabbath, i'd go buy one, b/c i really WANT ONE! i want the ads and the coupons, and the big newspaper! but alas, it is not to be. b/c i called at 1:11 pm, and they said that the cutoff for redelivery is 1 pm. for the love.....

better luck next week!


just a note for those following my blog: we have *still* not turned the heat on in our apartment -- things are just great in that department; it's usually nice and warm(ish) in the apt.....except in the morning. i keep some warm clothes right by the bedside so i can put them on while still under the covers. otherwise, i don't think i'd ever get out of bed!

well, after a satisfying nap, i am ready to face the world. or at least make dinner. life is good. i have recently made an interesting discovery. you know when you move, and you fill out the forwarding address form for the post office? well, i was under the mistaken impression that it lasted 6 months -- in fact i'm almost positive that it says it lasts six months. so here i sit, in a deluded state of bliss, thinking all is well. it's not!!!! after 90 days, if you haven't filled out a CHANGE of address form, the forwarding just magically stops! not a good kind of magic, either!

so not only have i been missing a magazine, but also (and this is the really bad part) credit card statements. eep. the crazy thing is, i would not have figured this out on my own. the gap card representative had to tell me. i would have just continued in confusion as to where my mail was, and why people stopped taking my credit cards! ok, it only happened twice; but isn't twice enough when you pay your bills? i just didn't GET my bills. yikes. so what a mess. when did life become so confusing?

and why do i still have so much Christmas shopping left to do?

Saturday, December 10, 2005
the weekend!

well it's saturday! i'm busy making gingerbread people for our christmas party tonight. and, due to the record LOW # of responses i got about white elephant gifts, i'm going to go with our life game; it looks like it's from about 1960, and it has no instructions. that qualifies, right? welllll hopefully. i'm happy to go to the party tonight, we'll get to meet lots of new ppl., but unfortunately we have to leave early to make it to our sat. evening session of stake conference. i'm actually looking forward to that, too. we haven't had a stake conf. in this stake before, so it should be great!

my sister got stuck outside last night when her car ran out of gas. scary you say? oh yes. b/c it was FREEZING! you can read about it here. so the scariest part is actually that i found out about it this morning WHILE READING HER BLOG! eek.

speaking of blogs, i've been postponing a rather funny anctedote; mostly b/c we had to apologize for being idiots first to the people we shafted. here's the deal; thursday night my husband and i went out with my older sister and her husband to the motab christmas concert. while we were at dinner, spencer's brother called to make sure we were still on for friday night to go to the same concert. yikes. clearly at that moment we knew we were idiots and had double booked ourselves. the WORST part is, neither of us remember. we're really that dense. i shouldn't say we, because it was almost definitely me. so we had them over to dinner last night, and were really glad to get to spend some time w/them, and apologize for our lameness. :( sorry we are so lame! the worst part is actually that this is the SECOND time in a month i've double-booked myself. at least the first time i remembered. it's scary when you simply have no recollection!

that is all.

Friday, December 09, 2005

well, it's friday at long last. and i am babysitting. if you can call it that. my only 'charge' is upstairs, asleep. it's naptime. but since mom is gone, i guess it has to be babysitting, or else they call it 'abandonement', right? Right. but having such an easy job (for a few hours) leaves me time to not only breathe, but also update the blogging world. i hope you haven't missed me *too* much.

life is good; the concert last night was GREAT - i've heard renee fleming's recordings before, but have never seen her live. she was amazing. the motab was amazing. all the other ppl.; you got it, amazing. so it was really fun, and we went to one of our favorite mexican places for dinner; alberto's. lest you think this is some kind of ritzy joint, let me reassure you, it's NOT! it's like a fast food version of authentic mexican food (made by mexicans of course) -- so it's cheap, but really good! that was fun.

how does my head feel today? not too good. looking forward to some time laying down in bed...

Thursday, December 08, 2005
to every season (turn, turn, turn)

ugh. i guess i should've expected it; after so many 'good' days (days where my headache was tolerable)......i am just set up for a bad one! my head hurts. where else can i complain if not on my own blog? :)

so hopefully i'll just rest and sleep and lay around all day, try to feel better for the concert tonight! i'm really excited about going; it's the Mormon Tabernacle choir's christmas concert. should be really good. i've gone the past couple/few years, and it's always great. plus i'm going w/my sister and her husband (and my husband) -- kinda a double date thing.....

for those of you keeping up with my migraine saga, you will not that my doctor *still* hasn't called me back. i think it's time to get aggressive. :/ that is, calling several times a day. maybe tomorrow if he still hasn't called i'll just go sit in his waiting room till he talks to me. i've heard if you order a pizza and throw it on the floor, that usually gets results.... ::::pondering::::

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
it's wednesday night and i feel allright

just waiting for el Spencir to come home; we're going to head out as soon as he gets here to go to YM/YW. always good times to be had there. today my older sister taught me how to use a hat loom. i'm only about an inch and a half in. it's pretty cool. my hat is actually a baby hat; but don't get any crazy ideas out there, fair reader. ;-) no babies in the immediate (known) future!

mainly i decided to make a baby hat b/c it's the smallest, so i'd be able to finish it quickest, and chances of my making mistakes on this first project are *REALLY* good, so then at least the first one'll be over quickly and i can move onto my stellar second hat. you know, the really great one that'll have Vogue calling me up for my expertise? that's right. that one. in any case, my christmas washcloth has finally been finished. it's pretty wonderful, especially if you don't feel that being square (or rectangular) is imperative. washcloth #2 will be better!!!

by the way, reader of mine, i noticed recently that NO ONE had left ANY white elephant ideas for me. that's lame. i was kinda counting on you!! step it up a notch, will ya?

for those of you in need of a rockin' good time, check out this link: it features a baby performance of Beyonce......i have you curious now, don't i? ........

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
please note the STAT COUNTER!

yes, it should be just over here:


and hopefully, it works! spencer helped me set it up, so chances are really good that it will!

so the weather was lame today. it snowed. and i was somewhere else and had to drive myself home. :( but the good news is, i arrived home with the car and my sanity intact.

i went to get my hair done; trimmed and put some highlights in. keep in mind that my hair is like 4 inches long.......i knew that their haircut was a reasonable price (note that i'm not naming the business b/c i'm sure no one would EVER GO THERE AGAIN!) anyways, i made the mistake of not asking how much the highlights were, figuring that they also fell into a reasonable range. indeed not. they were $75!?!?!?!? pretty outrageous if you ask me. they were one color, too, nothing fancy. i've had them done with two colors (at a nicer salon, no less) for $15 less. argh. that kind of peeved me. clearly. but my hair does look fantastic (if i do say so myself). not too big on the haircut, but it is in the growing-out stage. i like it short, but not as much as i like it longer. so it's a little weird, but eh. what're you gonna do?

my headache was better today, when the storm rolled in it only started hurting afterwards (as opposed to before the storm got here) -- and it isn't *too* bad. i could still manage to make dinner, such as it was.

speaking of dinner, this was it: shepherd's pie: ground beef w/frozen mixed veggies, covered with instant mashed potatoes, add some cheese in the last 10 minutes of cooking and VOILA! a very very very easy dinner! spencer likes it. and I LIKE HIM!

Monday, December 05, 2005

this is jiffy pop popcorn. and my husband.

shopping...and shopping.....

well i got lots of christmas shopping done today. this is good news. also went to walmart to get GROCERIES. those jokers had the top level of parking closed off. NOT COOL. so of course two levels of people trying to fit on one level of parking during the busiest month of shopping all year = really NOT GOOD!!! so that was somewhat annoying.

but in other news, i went to *the GAP* and got to buy lots of christmas presents. and this year, for the first time in recent memory, i didn't buy anything for myself! wonder of wonders. so i feel pretty proud of myself.

later this week spencer and i are going to a christmas party; complete with the requisite WHITE ELEPHANT gift exchange. so tell me; what is the best (funniest) white elephant gift you ever received/saw? i would *love* to hear about it.

til next time...........

this is the apple pie i made for thanksgiving a couple weeks ago. it was DELICIOUS! seriously.

Sunday, December 04, 2005
December FOURTH??!?!?!?!? you must be joking...

yikes. so i'm kind of a little bit freaking out./hyperventalating. no, just kidding. but i am somewhat stressed about the SPEEDY arrival of Christmas~! i have only two christmas presents purchased - in total - nothing wrapped, so i'm sure you can see why i'm a little......nervous. usually i've planned well, and the season isn't at all stressful for me; however, due to headaches and all that nonsense, i spend a lot more time in bed than normal. soooo that = much less christmas shopping done~!

well, this must be taken care of. i'm sure after a few power shopping afternoons, i'll feel more in control. i've also been making a christmas washcloth - what? you don't know what a christmas washcloth is?!?! (incredulity) well, basically it's the first thing i've ever crocheted (read: irregular and weird looking), and it's just a big square in the colors of red, white and green! i'm pretty excited about it. my older sister taught me to crochet a few weeks ago, and i'm nearing completion on the washcloth. what's FUNNY is, that in the time it's taken me to make this one, she's made FOUR! unbelievable. ok, not really. she says it takes her about 2 hours for each. and i'm *pretty sure* i've spent at least 6 hours on this one. (please remember it's not yet finished).

spencer and i strung popcorn tonight for the tree - ok, i strung and he read to me. it was pretty fun. i'll have to post a picture on here of making the popcorn. we didn't just microwave the popcorn, oh no. we had this jiffy pop stuff, which you make on the stovetop. we burned it. this is actually my fault, b/c spencer was telling me it was done, and i was insisting that it wasn't, and that he had to hold on until i could find the camera. hm. being wrong. that really stings.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

this is a nice picture; i like it b/c it makes me smile. :) the doorknob reminds me of those things in alice and wonderland -- i don't know if they even have names...if they do, i don't know it. if anyone knows what i'm talking about, leave me a comment or something....otherwise i may start to believe that i'm going crazy!!! heehee

Friday, December 02, 2005

Emily's Random Movie Quote:

'I can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands.'
Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind

ah, how i love that movie. :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005
a three day tour....

the most recent glimpse into newlywed life (mine at least) includes this goal: getting through the whole winter without turning on the heater. that's right. can you guess whose idea this is? heehee. ok, so he's not serious, (i hope), but my darling husband is hoping that we can make it till at least january (?!?!?!?) before we have to turn on the heat. wow.

we do have a few points in our favor (toward reaching that goal)

1) we live on the third floor of our apartment complex; heat rises.
2) we have lots of blankets; not likely to freeze to death
3) determination to avoid raising our electricity bill any higher than its already exorbitant amount

so we'll see how it goes. i'm sure there'll be an update to come. ;) after all, the first snow has already fallen.....this is like some kind of reverse survivor show. can the newlyweds survive in the apartment? if not.....they turn on the heat! not quite the stuff network blockbusters are made of, but it is my life, nonetheless.

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I'm 25 - married, and recently graduated from Brigham Young University, studying music; I play piano. My husband is just starting his PhD program at the University of Utah in computer architecture.



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