Friday, June 29, 2007
at last, the HCJ pictures!

So this is where the concert was held - abravanel hall in downtown SLC. we don't have any pictures from dinner. :) this huge red sculpture is in the front entrance of the hall.
here's kind of a cute picture of spencer and i in front of the modern art - i ended up wearing my black trouser jeans and my pink wraparound sweater (just fyi) ;)

here we are talking to harry connick jr.,
(and that's my little brother in the background -- ladies? he's single and ready to mingle)
and now here we are in the posed shot --
and last of all, that's harry connick jr.'s hand, he's signing our cd's. :)

those are about all the relevant pictures i could find. hopefully it's not a big letdown - it was such an amazing night. the dinner (wow), the concert (awesome), and meeting harry connick jr., wow. it was just fabulous.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

well, no HCJ pictures today; but soon, very very soon.

today is just a migraine update. i'm still taking the longer-acting painkiller, but it doesn't work very well. it may knock a little bit off the top, but not nearly enough. *and* it comes with side effects (of course) -- the only one that's stuck around after the first week is the woozy/tiredness. it's like any time of day i could just nod off for a nap. the wooziness is kind of like, have you ever found yourself staring at something (like really nothing) but you can't pull your gaze away? that's me.

so i got all ready to go out and get my grocery shopping done this afternoon. the pain was pretty bad, but i figured i've gone grocery shopping w/worse than that before! so off i go. and as i'm driving along the freeway, i realize that i'm not feeling really safe to drive. i'm having trouble focusing. needless to say, i get off the freeway and drive home posthaste.

looks like i'll need my chauffeur (spencer) to help me out on these errands. it's just frustrating to feel like i can't get anything done on my own.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
birthday report!

thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys! also, i was pleased to see a comment from a new headache friend - joanna. but i can't see your profile, joanna! i'd love to visit your blog. perhaps you could email me or leave the address in the comments? that'd be great. i'm thinking i should set up a separate blogroll for all my migraine/headache friends. :)

so this is the birthday report. it was a great day. i had some money to spend, so i went out shopping during the afternoon (i realize i just skipped the morning, nothing of interest happened here).... so off to the mall, i bought several cute things and enjoyed myself immensely. express is having a huge sale, as is the gap, as is victoria's secret. so i got some deals. :)

then i picked up my husband from work, he left early today and we went to get an ice cream cake from baskin robbins. when i was a kid, i always wanted an ice cream cake, but my mom never wanted to buy me one b/c they are expensive, and she could make a cake for me for less than a couple of dollars. so this was kind of a dream come true for me. :) spencer was very sweet and worked hard to make sure this was a super day for me.

now for a few pictures -- this is a necklace given to me by my parents-in-law as well as my SIL jenny and spencer. a joint venture if you will.
it is a very bad picture of it, mostly b/c i am a very poor photographer. it's very sparkly and beautiful. maybe i'll see if spencer will take a picture for me later. :) or show me how to do it better.

so after i rested at home for a few hours, it was time to go to red robin for dinner w/friends and family. here we are:
minus spencer. and here's spencer and i:
i'm looking really weird in that picture, but it's a nice one of him. :)

and after dinner, our server asked if we wanted dessert. i told him no, we were having dessert at my house afterwards. he said since it was my birthday, it was free --so of course i said ok. it was their mountain high mud pie, and i had a bite of the peanut butter stuff and sent it around the table. everyone enjoyed a couple of bites. i should've taken a picture, can't find one to steal anywhere. it's amazing. and huge.

a couple of spencer's friends from work brought me these beautiful roses
they smell AMAZING. wow. amazing, seriously.

then after dessert at home (yay, ice cream cake!) our friends left and it was just spencer and i again. he had one more present for me.
if you go to that web address (, you'll see the site of the woman who made my super-cute apron. a few months ago i came across them and adored them. i showed it to spencer as a potential birthday present idea. he told me a few days later that she was out. :( as it turns out, it was a (white) lie! he ordered one for me! and i love it. it's pink with dark pink spots. i need to take a picture of me in it. i love it so much. seriously, go check out her aprons and stuff. they are high quality, and super-dee-duper cute.

that's the birthday summary! it was a fabulous day. :)

p.s. -- the pictures of the harry connick jr. concert have finally arrived! i'll post some SOON!

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Monday, June 25, 2007
today i turn 26.

my husband's been giving me presents the past couple of days, and there's one more for me to open tonight. :-) he's very sweet. he also cleaned up the apartment and washed all the dishes this morning (!) in preparation for having people over tonight. and because he knows i LOVE having everything picked up and put away.

we're planning to go to red robin with some friends and family, and then afterwards back to our house for cake and ice cream. yummm.

not to put a depressing cast on an actually happy day, do you ever look at the number and think to yourself how different you thought your life would be at that age? i guess i do. i figured i'd be married, but i also figured i'd be teaching piano and possibly have a child by now. it's so interesting how life works, isn't it?

spencer got me 2 cd's - a michael buble one (i'd been hearing good things about) and the city of angels soundtrack. i used to have the soundtrack, and it got stolen out of an ex-bf's car a long time ago. i LOVE this soundtrack.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

i know you've seen this picture before: the famed Blue bell ice cream. well i'm not done talking about it.
here's spencer enjoying his chocolate brownie overload. we took our ice cream to a mexican place for dinner, and here were are on the patio enjoying it.
this is the deliciousness of my banana pudding ice cream. yummmm. please note the nilla wafer pieces. wow that was good.

here i am enjoying it:
and the last of all the texas pictures; here's some of my dinner that night, at the mexican place --

and in other news, the hubby and i are getting ready to renew our contracts w/verizon. despite the dropped calls. we've determined that NO ONE has good service in our home (as we live in a basement), and we like everything else about verizon. so we're about 99% sure on that. and my big decision is what phone to get. i'm thinking about this one. does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) with the motorola RAZR? i'd love to hear.

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Friday, June 22, 2007
med update -- because what is more interesting than reading about someone else's health problems?

my body seems to be adjusting to the new meds pretty well. i only have bouts of dizziness and wooziness. most of the time, i feel pretty normal. the nausea comes and goes, but is gone more than it was!

the pain control is still nothing to write home about. it's better than nothing, but not as good as i'd like.

aaaaaand i had a 1/2 a cinnamon roll w/breakfast today (courtesy of my SIL jenny), and my migraine almost immediately took a turn for the worse. everything else this morning has been completely routine, so i'm thinking maybe too much sugar triggers them? or worsens them?

i'm going to start tracking sugar in my diet, and how it affects my pain levels.

that's all for now - it's been so fun having my SIL jenny visiting. i'm going to miss her when she goes to school! just a couple more days left w/us.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
report from the doctor yesterday

well hello party people!

i thought i'd share an update on my pain clinic appointment yesterday. things went pretty well at the House of Pain, they saw me quickly -- i think b/c i had the first appointment of the day. the schedulers messed everything all up, so i ended up with a 7:50 A!M! appointment yesterday morning. whew. it's honestly been a while since i woke up so early. i'm just keepin' it real here.

so i went in feeling pretty craptastic, and as the day continued only felt more craptacular, b/c i got up so much earlier than my body's used to.

pain doc decided to move me to a longer-acting painkiller. that will be great if it works - b/c the painkiller was working, but only for 2 hours. and i only could take them every 4 hours. you see the problem. that's pretty much the only thing we decided - we talked more about the seriousness of using these meds, side effects, etc.

so last night i slept pretty well (once i got to sleep, that's another story). and this is my first full day of the new! longer-acting! painkiller!

unfortunately, it doesn't work that well. we started off at the lowest dose, so it may just be that it's not enough. what it DOES do pretty well is help me to have nausea and dizziness. my eyes feel tired, like i can barely keep them open. so that makes reading a little tricky. hopefully these will improve. i'll stick with it for a week, and then give my doc a call. see if we need to adjust the med or the dosage.

th-th-that's all, folks!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007
the weekend

spencer and i babysat my sister's kids for a few hours tonight; they had a short date. it was fun to hang out with them (as it always is), and they cracked me up (as they always do).

they see me at least once a week - my husband, much less frequently. so we're sitting around, and i ask T if she'd like to come sit with me. they both start climbing on him, and she kind of shakes her head sadly at me. E says, 'it's just that spencer's much more funner.' like - sorry, we kind of like you, but he is THE BOMB! why would we sit with you when HE is here?


a father's day/june birthday extravaganza is going on tomorrow, so i'm looking forward to seeing everyone, as i always do. hoping they'll be able to put a dent in the massive quantity of dill dip i have. :)

and as for this picture :

the edge has suggested it might be a HUGE bug. it's possible. i can't remember at all. :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

my husband took me for a nice lunch date today - we went here.

it was really nice to sit down just the two of us - without any computers or music or anything.

let's get back to the texas summary, shall we?

mmmmm, blue bell ice cream. this needs to come to utah. i'm writing letters, don't worry.
they also had R2-D2 mailboxes - my husband said we've got them in SLC, too, but I'VE never seen one. so we had to take a picture.

what is this picture of? i have several of them. a bug? a dead flower?

and now, a hippopotamus sculpture. we went to see a garden w/ Charles Umlauf's sculptures. it was fabulous.
my husband did a lot of this
(up there, we're at the capitol)

and here's one more shot of my hubby, we're at a garden in austin. :)

people, there is more to come. if you can stand it.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007
harry connick jr.

you guys are so sweet. thanks for all the well-wishes.

ok, i'm taking a break from the TX coverage to tell you about the fabulous night i had last night; my husband won a sweepstakes from Sony credit card - (they're having another one, if you want to check it out)... he got to choose 30 of his friends to take out for dinner, and then to a concert by a Sony artist (we chose harry connick jr.) -- and then after the concert we all got to MEET harry connick jr. seriously. i know some of you might be hyperventilating at this point - please calm yourselves.

i don't have any pictures yet, but we'll get some from the sony ppl. sometime soon, and i will FOR SURE post them - there is a picture (somewhere out there) of me, my husband, and harry connick jr. wow. ok, back to the story.

so dinner was delicious; we went to fleming's and i had steak, mashed potatoes, some creamy cheesy spinach, and then for dessert they brought out creme brulees -- they were so creamy and rich and there were berries on top....i could go on and on about the food, really.

then it was on to the concert.

it was fabulous; the big band was there, and they were superb. harry had a trombonist friend (whose name i don't remember) on stage as well. the music was energizing, and the rhythms were tight. it was a great show. afterwards, we went upstairs and all got to meet harry connick jr.! crazy. he signed cd's for us, and answered our questions. sony had a professional photographer there taking candids, and also posed photos of ____ and ___ with harry (fill in the blank). he was really nice, seemed laid-back. it was neat to get to meet him after the show; i would have loved to have had time to ask more questions. he mentioned a little bit about his musical influences on stage, and i'd love to hear more about that, and who he listens to now.

in any case, it was a marvelous night. we don't have any photos yet, but once we get some, i'll be sure to post them (or links). :)

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