Wednesday, May 31, 2006
What's for dinner Wednesday?

just like usual, i don't know yet what we're having for dinner tonight! i'm planning to go grocery shopping today, though, so maybe i'll get inspired.

let me tell you about dinner last night. it was delish. i had to try out this super easy french bread recipe i got from my sister G this weekend. soooo i made that and some campell's chunky soup -- the veggies were pretty weak looking in there, so i tossed in some frozen carrots & peas. yum!

Easy French Bread
2 1/2 c. warm water
2 T. yeast
2 T. sugar
1/2 T. salt
5 1/2 c. flour

Knead ingredients together and let rise for 15 minutes. Shape 2 long loaves and place on greased cookie sheet. Make slits and brush with egg whites. Bake at 450 for 10-15 minutes.

there ya go. easy-peasy. i halved this recipe. it was delicious. i highly recommend it.

what's for dinner in your neck of the woods? stop by the WFDW flagship, Krisco, and see where the magic all began. ;)

also a quick pigeon baby update: the second egg still hasn't hatched. the baby continues to grow uglier by the day. .....

Saturday, May 27, 2006
iiiiiiiiiiiiiit's MEME TIME!

i was tagged for this meme a while ago by magically mama -- and have been SO lame not to do it sooner. haven't been feeling well, blah blah blah. excuses, all of them. here it is!!! thanks for tagging me heather. :)

What is your favorite word ?

What is your least favorite word ?
probably fag or hate

What turns you on spiritually,creatively,emotionally ?
spiritually - uplifting music and singing
creatively - a beautiful piano, a clear mind, and stacks and stacks of sheet music
emotionally - love, unselfishness, people following their dreams

What turns you off?
rap, mariachi music at loud volumes, screaming children

What's your favorite curse word?
i don't really curse. i say crap probably more than i should.

What sound or noise do you love to hear?
the ocean, rain on the roof, laughing children, chopin played beautifully, my husband's voice, all my family members laughs, the quiet in our apartment after all the computers are turned off, a woman singing jazz, a flugelhorn playing anything, african drums, the voice of any friend i haven't talked to in a while.

What sound or noise do you hate?
metal on metal, ice being scraped (in the freezer, you know what i mean?), brakes screeching, out of tune music of any sort (but especially strings), a squawking clarinet, and CAR ALARMS.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?
paid clergyman or politician

If Heaven exists,what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates?
i believe it does - i would hope He'd say, "Well done and welcome home, my daughter."

So, now I get to tag some people.
i tag Mom on the Edge, homer-cles at It's not the volts that kill you, Muum, the Pink Chihuahua princess, the House Warden, HolyMama!, Princess Mom, the other Emily ;) and Krisco over at Crib Ceiling.

dream big, right? lol.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
What's for dinner Wednesday?

hmmm.....for me? i don't really know yet! i'm picking up my husband from the airport today at 6:30 -- and from there, we might either go to a party (food) or stay home (i'll make food) or to our church youth group (i'll make really quick food). ;) but i'll tell you about dinner last night instead. my grandma took us out to tepanyaki -- which is one of those restaurants (like benihana) where the chefs cook your food right in front of you, and do tricks, and make big fires, etc.... it was great fun. i got the chicken and shrimp meal, and it was delicious! i ate all the shrimp, but by the time my chicken came (which was also delicious), i was stuffed! so i brought that home with me. :)

sooooo...what are YOU having for dinner tonight? or what did you have for dinner last night? i'd love to hear all about it -- recipes even are WELCOME!

and now for more about my Headaches. if you're tired of hearing about them (and i can definitely understand why), feel free to leave now. but i know i have family and friends out there who get better updates from this site than from phone calls. so here it is! i went to see my psychologist on monday, and it went well. the lady i met with was very nice, and we got along well right from the start. i cried more than i expected to, but i guess that's the nature of things. in the end, she felt like i was pretty well adjusted and that stress, anxiety and depression have not brought these headaches on or contributed to their continuation. i decided i'll go see her a couple more times, so we can talk about coping mechanisms for pain, as well as how to 'reinvent' myself, should it become necessary. for most of my life, i've had the plan that i'd teach piano lessons, play piano for the rest of my life -- in addition to raising a family. but if these headaches continue....that's not going to be a possibility. i have high hopes that the pain clinic can help me lower my pain levels enough so i CAN still do that. .... but i have to be realistic and know that that MAY NOT be the case. i don't know what they can and can't do. so, anyway, that was a tangent. i may need to find a new path in life - a new career, a new 'hobby', and love. i don't know right now.

and then the SECOND big piece of headache news is this: the pain clinic called me and have scheduled me for an appointment on september 12th. whew. that's a LONG ways away. i pretty much expected it, and am actually glad it's not longer. when i asked the receptionist if there was a list she could put me on, in case someone cancelled, she said no BUT i can call her every week and ask her about cancellations. so i will! i'm hoping i'll be able to get in this summer that way. **fingers crossed**

Monday, May 22, 2006

hello and happy monday, blog-friends! i have to start off with an update on the pigeon eggs. a few days ago my husband and i went out there, and saw that one of the eggs had just hatched! (was just hatching) -- here it is -- the second egg still hasn't hatched. :( hopefully soon. the chick is significantly uglier after only a few days; his/her beak has grown in and is lumpy and black. i'll get another picture soon for you all.

also, yesterday was the may birthday celebration up at my parents' house -- we had a fabulous time. i felt REALLY horrible for the first hour and a half, but after that, reasonably well. gifts were given, food was eaten, and much talking took place good times were had by all. here's one of my nephews toys, getting some play time from the older boys. actually, i'm not sure if he ever took a hit....

and this is my nephew with his present from us; a bug collector (he seemed particularly fascinated by the magnifying glass). his uncles helped him catch a cricket, which he toted around for a few minutes, before he decided it was time for a new 'occupant'. he opened the door and shouted at the cricket 'you! get out!'. this wasn't working (surprisingly), but grandpa helped him remove the reticent tenant.

and last of all, the talking. this is what i did mostly - and eating, let's be honest - here's me and my younger sister, the one without a blog. :) i love her just the same!! hahaha.

there was homemade ice cream -- two flavors. whew. yum.

Friday, May 19, 2006
hooray for friday!

well, i've been a pretty lame blogger this week! :) i went off the medicine yesterday (*the new one i thought was making my headaches worse) after talking to my neurologist. he called back the VERY SAME DAY I CALLED. whew. is that amazing or what? you know that song in fiddler on the roof -- wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles...that's what i feel like. anyways, my headaches have improved to their normal level of badness. or goodness, whichever. so that's a plus. and since yesterday i was feeling reasonably ok, i went to visit my sister's house and hung out with her while she worked. good times. her husband fixed our AC -- what a BLESSING! the dealership was wanting to charge us an obscene amount of money.

also, one of the pigeon eggs hatched yesterday -- so cute!! -- and spencer and i got to see it. ..... we went out to dinner with my grandma on wednesday night, which was lovely. so little to say; husband and i are going out of town tonight so that should be a nice (quick) break. adios. :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
hi friends

nothing much going on here with me; am trying the new medicine....and it seems to actually be making the headaches worse than usual. :/ obviously not the intended purpose. i've only been taking it for 3 days now, so i'll probably continue on for at least a full week. we shall see.

mother's day was wonderful, my family got together for a mother's day brunch, church and dinner at my sister's house. it was a lot of fun, and in the evening, my grandmother flew in. i'm happy she's here and we'll have some chances to spend time with her while she's here. i was in an unusually bad mood on mother's day - wish i could explain why, but it seemed to be fully without rhyme or reason.

the only pictures of me that day are in this series; emily being fed dirt (yes, that's right, dirt) by her charming nephew. i'm not really eating it, but it DID really get in between my teeth. mmmm, crunchy! i'll let my sister post the uber-cute pics of her kids (once they're posted on my husband's site). she hasn't seen them yet. ;)

Saturday, May 13, 2006
NEW links!

hi everyone -- i added 4 new friends over on the right; they are my BIL's electric car blog, my other BIL's joke a day (or month ;)) blog, heather's blog, and denise's blog!! if you haven't checked them out before, take a minute to visit them! you won't be sorry.


seriously, go. i'll wait.


ok, and a small update on the pigeons -- the eggs haven't hatched, it must have been some other chirpy birds. thanks to all who commented yesterday (and made it through that obscenely long post) - i appreciate your kind words. :)

husband is NOT AT SCHOOL today for the first time (on a saturday) in probably months. so we're gonna have a date tonight, and hang today, it'll be awesome.

Friday, May 12, 2006
a post wherein i talk about ME

that's right - more specifically, my doctor's appointment yesterday morning.
it's probably good that i didn't write yesterday, as i was somewhat upset. by
somewhat upset, i mostly just mean mad. :)

in any case, i had another visit with my neurologist yesterday - for those who have
no idea why, or what in the blazes i'm talking about here's a (real) quick summary: i
have chronic daily migraines. that means i have a migraine all day, every day.
they are the reason i don't have a job right now, or go to school. i think that about
covers it.

instead of ranting about the doctor and the things he said that
really made me mad
(* please note that my husband and sister were already subjected to much of this
talk), i'll try to stick to the outcomes and my feelings about them....

1. i'm going to see a psychiatrist - this is for a few reasons. #1 is to rule out
the possibility that these headaches are caused by stress, depression, or anxiety.
i've tried MANY times to tell my doctor that the headaches are what
cause my stress,
depression, and anxiety, but there IS always the possibility he's right. ;)
apparently it's frequently the cause when so many medicines have failed to have any
impact on the headaches *(that is, me). so i'm willing to check it out, even though
i (obviously) don't believe that's the case. but seriously, does ANYONE believe
that's what is causing their headaches? probably not. we shall see. #2 is to deal
with the lifestyle of chronic pain. (see depression, stress and anxiety mentioned
above)my doc says that the longer a headache continues
on without being helped by treatments or meds, the more likely it is to continue. in
other words, this headache could be a permanent thing i need to figure out how to
actually live with. this leads us neatly to #2:

the next step from here (if the psychiatrist visits don't yield any improvement) is
a pain clinic. those of you unfamiliar with chronic pain may not be familiar with
the idea of a pain clinic, means you go to visit a team of ppl, designed
to help you live with the pain you have, and lessen it. (some readers may have MORE
experience with this than i, forgive me if i'm over-simplifying or misinformed).
basically, this means my doctor has given up trying to fix me, and that we're in a
maintenance phase now. which has its good points and it's bad points: on a good note,
i may start getting some pain relief for the day-to-day pain that keeps me in bed so
much, instead of just the very worst headaches...(that's an entire other story) -- so
OBVIOUSLY i'm pleased as punch about that idea. BUT it also means a far less likely
'fix'. there are possibilities of fixing, still, at the pain clinic - but for
migraines, not as likely as other things. oh, back to the team. this = doctors,
physical therapists, and psychiatrists. bueno. these doctors can try not only meds,
but also patches (of painkillers), injections, and etc...whew. could get interesting,
folks. you don't want to miss this. ;)

and, as a random last-ditch try, we're going to try another drug. of course! it'll
leave me with good memories of all the neurologists past, and the many drugs i've
tried that haven't worked.

ok, on a completely unrelated note, i read this today and thought it was pretty
funny. mostly b/c it's true.
* * * * What is an Antique? * * * *

An antique is something your grandmother bought, your mother
threw out, and you are now buying back.
also, (huh my font just changed on its own. weird) i went out to our back porch the other day, b/c i had bought some plants. lots of herbs. sage, oregano, chamomile, lavender, etc....and i've decided that the back porch gets more sun than the front porch (which we use more often). the front porch has our little chair and tables on it, so we can eat outside sometimes. so i go out back, and this pigeon flaps up in my face and then flies away. whew. i figured we just scared each other. but then i notice that said pigeon has pooped all over our balcony! bah! this sucks because i'm going to have to clean it off at some point! eeww~! THEN i notice that there's a nest under one of the chairs out there -- with two eggs! cute.

so every time since then i've gone out to water the plants, the pigeon has flapped up in my face, and i'm know, you could just stay put and i wouldn't bother you. i just want to water my plants, and then i'll leave. the pigeon does not seem to realize that it is MY porch! i pay rent on it! in any case, i'm glad that it's there, and this morning i heard highpitched squacky sounds coming from out there, so i think there are baby pigeons!! hooray! if i can, i'll get a picture, but the mama pigeon may very well be getting more aggressive. whew. we shall see.

ok, that's possibly the longest blog entry EVER.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

this is a companion entry to my sister's what NOT to buy over at Mothering on the Edge! check it out. :)

Thirteen things to consider getting your Mom for mother's day a pretty safe bet, especially if you don't buy them from a gas station.
2. chocolates; these should come in boxes, NOT bar form. let's be clear here.
3. anything handmade from the kiddos - or that you helped them handmake.
4. a thoughtful letter (you can't do this every year, though, unless you have additional presents)
5. jewelry, HOWEVER, avoid the cliche jewelry (heart pendant - blech, gag me) and jewelry she doesn't wear (yellow gold or white? this is a must-know)

6. breakfast in bed. make dinner, too, while you're at it.
7. something thoughtful that goes along with a hobby she ALREADY has - a golf club if she golfs, etc. do NOT be fooled into thinking that housework is a hobby, just because it's something she does a lot. no, no and NO. housework is a job. (please check the do not buy list for any dilemmas)
8. something that's her FAVORITE - examples are favorite pajamas, favorite lip gloss, favorite rose, etc., etc., etc.
9. spa package. i don't know a woman alive who'd turn this down. massage, and/or manicure/pedicure....etc... there's something for everyone, as they say. (this is not to be confused with a GYM membership of any kind).
10. something she's asked for. anything on the do not buy list can be an exception, and added to the BUY list *if* she has requested that item for mother's day. be very clear on this. b/c if she asks for a new washing machine, and you give her that as the present? you may be in trouble, because that could be just something the HOUSE needs. and she? is not an extension of the house.
11. public acknowledgement or recognition of what a great mom she is. this could be a party, an ad in a magazine she reads, love notes, etc.
12. frame a special picture of the two of you - or her and all her kids.
13. ANYTHING. seriously, women do give credit for trying. so try.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
graduation pictures

hooray! here are a few for your enjoyment.

it's hard to tell, but that is spencer receiving his diploma. no, really, you just need to take my word for it.

and this is our happy graduate. :)

and last of all, my husband with his brother (and his brother's wife) -- he graduated the same day (obviously), also with an engineering degree. fun times.

happy birthday, mom

i'm not a very good writer; i can usually write what i mean, but often not HOW i mean it -- maybe i need to learn more adjectives. in any are a few of my favorite things about my mom. (the muum).

- i have always felt loved. no matter how bad i was being (and i had some pretty bad moments), she loved me.
- she knows how to laugh, and does so frequently
-she taught me the things i'd need to know when i 'grew up' - cooking, laundry, cleaning, gardening, how to take care of myself, and the fine art of financial security. (my dad helped, too, of course - this is just my mom list).
- she is the most empathetic person i know. i always feel like she 'gets' what i'm going through, even if it's something she may not have been through personally before, she has an uncanny ability to see where pain and hurt can come in.
- on the opposite face of that coin, she is not easily offended or hurt - she has a thick skin, and always assumes that people mean well. one thing i learned from her is that most people are doing the best they can with what they have.
- she is completely unselfish. i guess that's what being a mom is all about, but even now, she wants the best for me and is happy to settle for less.
- she is welcoming and warm -- i love going 'home' to visit, even though i didn't grow up there, it is where my parents are, and i know i'm welcome for as long as i want to stay, or as little time as i have to stay.
- she roots for me and helps me try to realize my dreams.

i love you mom.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
ha ha HA, enry iggins, ha ha HA~!

yes, i'm feeling pretty proud of myself. (bonus points to anyone who knows what movie this post's title comes from). i get these email alerts from google every day about migrain and chronic daily headache. (because this is what i have, and i want to/need to learn as much as i can). most of the time, the links i get from it are useless. today, though, after looking around for a while on one of them, i found a list of about 100 different meds that can be used for preventing migraines. hello? this is rad. soooo i'm seeing my doctor on thursday, and i'll be printing up this list to bring with me. the last couple of times i was in to see him, he was kinda looking at me like, 'huh. you again.' and mentioned that we've tried something from basically every class of drug (this is what prompted the spinal tap.) in any case, i don't like trying new drugs, but i like the possibility that one could help me. so i'm willing to try.

sleep last night; not so much. for $5 a pill, you'd think lunesta could bring some better results. but no. :P i stick my tongue out at you, lunesta.

and tomorrow: the muum's birthday. stay tuned for a special extra-sappy tribute to my mom, who i love lots and lots.

umm p.s. why is blogger being idiotic today? lame, lame lame lame LAME! (another movie quote, though probably kind of hard to tell) :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006
fun times in the SLC

i got to see my mom yesterday for lunch; what a GREAT time! i had a chef salad, roll, and split cheesecake for dessert w/ my muum. ok, honestly, i think she only had one bite. but that counts as splitting, right? ;) ha!

the main reason for this post, is to update you on my BIL's blog; it's up and running!!! it's called 'it's not the volts that kill you -- go visit him and check out the beginnings -- (he's changing a regular car into an electric car) -- give him some bloggy support. :)

also, if you are REALLY bored (and seriously, you must be if you're reading this drivel, right?), check out this website. fun fun fun.

adios mis amigos.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

hooray. i had a fun day yesterday, went over to my sister's house and helped her make wontons - i had personally never made wontons before, it was neat. so for dinner was fried wontons and wonton soup. YUmmmmmm. husband was also invited, but he is still in the middle of the finals week that wouldn't end, sooo it was just me!

my BIL is going to change a small car (geo metro kind of small) into an electric car. WOW. most anyone else i know, i'd be skeptical about their ability to actually do this. but my BIL; he is very mechanically savvy. heehee. (that's kind of a funny word combo; mechanically and savvy). he has fixed and taken apart (and put back together, that's the key element) pretty much anything that crossed his tracks. so, obviously he can do it. and he's going to! my sister and i told him that this is the PERFECT time to start a blog -- everyone can follow his progress and see it in pictures! ha. it's gonna be rad, peoples. so when i know his blog's address, i'll link to it for sure, and you can see the magic happen.

also, my sister and i got to take a brief escape to the nearby craft store (alone - sans kids!) so it was fun times. she actually needed to buy stuff. me, i just bought a FEW things i couldn't resist. an awesome vase (or the ugliest thing ever, depending on who you ask), w/a silk calla lily -- some turquoise beads, and a small bead organizer thingy. as you can imagine, by the end of all this fun, i was totally exhausted, and my head hurt lots. boo. so i went home and rested in bed the remainder of the night.

today on the agenda; more resting and going to the temple with my sister (hopefully) -- this afternoon. :)

Jordan River Utah Temple

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thirteen things I do when I can't sleep

1. listen to my 'soothing ocean sounds' cd (no, i'm totally serious)
2. flip my pillow over for the cool feeling on my face.
3. think about taking meds for either sleeping or my headache. i have to weigh this carefully.....
4. turn on the fan - open the window, thereby freezing my husband in the morning (i'm sorry honey!)
5. sing hymns in my head - i'm memorizing 'nearer, my God to thee' and 'lead kindly light'
6. yawn. a lot.
7. rearrange my blanket and sheet situation. one leg on top of the blanket, one arm on top, etc., the combinations are nearly endless.
8. i play the game i learned at novelist in training a couple weeks ago; basically, you go through the alphabet from A to Z on a certain topic; boy's names, girl's names, fruits, ice cream flavors (lol) whatever, and even when you get stuck on one, you keep thinking about it....eventually it helps me fall asleep.
9. trying to say the alphabet backwards. this is really super hard.
10. doing that whole tense up your body and then relax it gradually thing. that's ok, but not too effective, if we're being honest.
11. getting up to do something else after a while; surfing the internet mindlessly, crocheting, reading, whew. the list is nearly endless. unfortunately, this often leads to just being up all night instead of its supposed goal that i get tired enough to fall asleep.
12. take a shower or bath
13. any other great ideas???? i'm open to suggestions! (*seriously)

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
a few things

hi friends. :)

i'm feeling better -- earlier today, wasn't feeling so hot. we had the migraine at full force, and for a bonus, some cramps. yay. anyways, i think the weather front has come and gone. whatever.

so last night, around this time, i was online checking out my blogs - and typepad ? not working. LAME! said i. just wanted to let you typepad ppl. know that i must hereby dispute typepad's inherent superiority. just saying.

and.....this post inspired me to get my husband's and my summer wardrobes in order. (*my husband is cringing as he reads this, guaranteed) he has no idea....mwa hahahaha. this requires a backstory. last summer i was trying out a drug to try and get rid of my migraines (yes, it's been going on for a long time now) -- this drug had no effect on me EXCEPT that i lost weight. like the dickens. so i was a size smaller. but i went off the drug - weight came back on. so anywho, last summer i had to buy a cute pair of bermudas and capris, b/c my pants? seriously wouldn't stay up. this summer; same problem in reverse, if you know what i mean.. i can't really zip them up! hahaha. so i got myself a pair of bermudas and a pair of capris that fit, as well as a black and brown tank top (long, for layering) -- and hubby? he got an old navy flag tee (for only $4 with my 20 % off!) after that, it was on to walmart - the dreaded pharmacy. you'd think 7:30 would be an ok time to go,but you'd be wrong. such a line. ugh. i don't even want to think about that anymore.

moving on, i read ANOTHER post the other day(one of chilihead's i think, but i can't find it!), and it reminded me i need to update my 'blogs i love' over there on the sidebar. there are two so far i was planning to add; heather's (which one heather?) and denise's. ppl, if you read my blog and have one, delurk and let me know. if i've commented on your blog before, i most likely read it regularly; remind me to add you, too! thanks people.

one last tidbit; to my bloggy friends. i do come around regularly, but when i'm not feeling well, i rarely leave ANY comments. i'm just surfing and have nothing uplifting or coherent to say. please understand; the headache -? it's like my best friend that won't go away. :)

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