Friday, October 26, 2007

footwear friday is going to be late.

i'm sick - and my head hurts.

BUT i am committed to bringing my readers shoe loveliness. ;-)

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Friday, October 19, 2007

so i'm trying a new diet for my migraines; i'm visiting a homeopathic healer. (before i hear any nay-saying, i'll let you try out migraines everyday - when you're in pain all the time, you'll try ANYTHING.) :-)

so one of the things i'm supposed to get a lot of is greens - and also seaweed or kelp. now, i've had seaweed before, with sushi. i didn't remember it as well as i thought. or maybe the rice and other flavors kind of covered it up.

but i'm meant to 'snip sea veggies' onto soups when i eat them. i can do that, right? this is just about at my cooking level. so i've got my miso soup, and i take the dried seaweed out of its package.

(to understand what i'm talking about in this little conversation, best to take a look at the link up there; nori on wikipedia.)

spencer asks me, 'is that hashish?'

i tell him, 'yes, but it's mine'

'for medicinal purposes?' he asks.

'of course!' and we both laugh.

the laughter stops when the sea veggies hit the soup, because holy cow that smells bad. i'm not a good enough writer to think of a good description. spencer has the luxury of being able to leave the room, me, i've got to eat this horrid smelly soup now.

in more cheery news, it really smells worse than it tastes.

and in another case of my sister coming to the rescue, she's given me a great way to use it: making rice balls. will need to give this a shot.

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Footwear Friday!

late, but posted on friday. i feel pretty good about that. :)

big snowstorm is moving in tonight, and i am consequentially feeling lousy.

but what can perk a lady up more than a fabulous pair of black boots? nothing.

i will share mine. i bought these about a year ago, at either Ross or TJ Maxx. can't remember. my husband was with my at the time, so i had to talk him into the purchase, especially since he doesn't appreciate a good pointed toe. so here you see them on my feet; but really, we all know that the reason you have a good pair of spiky-heeled, pointy-toed black boots is for wearing with pants.

that's what i wear them with, at least. i like flatter boots or a chunkier heel with a skirt.

sorry, back to THESE boots.

here they are with jeans: fabulous, no? i wore them out last night, and they made me feel so superfantastic that i knew i had to share these with you all today.

these are a nine west boot, size 7 1/2.

now ladies, is there anyone who wants to show us a new pair of shoes? (deborah, i'm lookin' at you!)

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

a big thunderstorm came through last night, bringing a fair amount of rain, and Snow! there is a little snow outside, too! what a surprise. welcome to autumn in utah. :)

Monday, October 15, 2007
Update on the trip!

Last monday was Spencer's and my 3rd wedding anniversary -- we celebrated with dinner out at PF Chang's. it was delicious and just a great night out. luckily for us, spencer had the week off of school (for a fall break), so we were able to take a short trip!

we went down to Bryce, in southern Utah, and stayed the night at a little bed and breakfast, called the Arrowhead Country Inn. it was really nice, we stayed in this little cabin

(no picture of the inside, unfortunately), and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. breakfast was delicious, and we sat with some very interesting people. that's always a bonus. :)

as we were headed to the park, we noticed how PERFECT the weather was! you know, 75, sunny, a cool wind -- when spencer asked if i had brought any sunscreen. eek? i hadn't even thought about it, unfortunately. off we went to terry's country store, to buy the most expensive generic sunscreen i've ever seen. :) $6.39 for this western family brand sunscreen. sad, but we couldn't skip it -- a redhead and a blonde? no no no no. i'm hoping to avoid skin cancer for both of us.

then it was off to bryce canyon for the day! they have the park set up so that you can drive to most of the most spectacular sites, and just walk a few feet to see them. we decided this was just about perfect for us, because there are lots of little trails to hike around (for spencer) and i could still see most of the great things - we could spend time together and enjoy the park. that may not make sense to some, but to my fellow migraine-friends, i know you get it.

bryce canyon is known for its amazing rock formations, hoodoos and grottos. it was stunning. i really couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

and a couple more, for good measure.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Another friday, another Footwear Friday! the blogging around here has been sparse, but i'll be back soon to update you about my real life activities. (with pictures, of course).

for today, let's focus on what's really important - shoes. (just kidding) -- these are my standby black heels. i love them, they're comfortable, even though the don't look it, and i love them. heh.

i love the pointy toe, i love the little buckle, and i love the thin straps. probably my favorite thing about these shoes is the stitching. you can see it well on the straps here :

i bought these shoes at the BYU bookstore, for about 30 bucks -- they are classified brand, which i've never heard of, and i have no idea what size they are.

happy friday to you all, and let me know if you're posting anyting about YOUR shoes today. :)

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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Footwear Friday!

Welcome to the second installment of Footwear Friday!

this week, we're going to talk about fads. this fall, red is big. i need a pair of red flats, and a red purse. .... but i might not wear them much after this season.

the solution?

payless, target, or the like. these shoes are from walmart (only in black on the website, for some reason). i was surprised to find something i liked so much there. AND they were $13. really. i kind of love them. i *adore* the little bow, the pleats, and the fact that they're flats. i rarely find flats i really like.

here are a few others i considered...

and here, just b/c deb was looking forward to it, are my feet - and the toenails. kind of a nude polish this week. :) anyone want to share some of their favorite shoes?

see you next week!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

my sister was saying the other day that i'd better post something new before friday.

why can't my blog just switch from a migraine blog to a shoe blog? i don't see any problem with that.

i thought i'd link to Shannon's Works for Me wednesday -- i've never taken part in the fun, but am ALWAYS reading what's going on. lots of good tips, for mothers or just people managing a home (like me). this week people are asking questions instead of sharing tips. and the last time i looked there were 215 (!) links. check it out!

ok, back to me. i spent most of yesterday with the Edge family -- very good times were had by all. aunt emily was thoroughly worn out.

and today -- today i'm feeling poorly-- it's another weather change, woohoo! i checked out (basically my most visited website ever), and they had this to say:


sweet. it goes on to say that the temperatures will drop significantly as this system moves out. frankly, i'm just crossing my fingers for it to move quickly. i'm glad to have the spironolactone (med for low barometric pressure migraines), but it's either not enough, or just doesn't work that well. :) i'll be back with more fun things soon! definitely Footwear Friday, if not before.

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