Sunday, April 30, 2006
...........and we're back.

hi folks. a special hello to the pink chihuanhua princess, who was kind enough to ask about me in my absence. :) i'm here! i'm alive! i'm.......lame!

in any case, my husband graduated from byu on friday; so his parents were in town (they live far away) and we had lots of fun visiting and eating with them and the rest of his fam. in any case, i've been totally bushed. i'm completely incapable of doing any normal amount of socializing or walking or....well, anything. these durn headaches.

so i'd say the most exciting part of his graduation (besides the 30 second adrenaline rush i got when they called his name and i took millions of pictures) is that the president and CEO of Dell was their graduation speaker. kevin something. in any case, it was good. also, i knew the guy who was playing the organ; he taught my organ class.

but seriously, let's get back to me. right? at byu, if you are graduating at the same time as a family member (brother, sister, husband, wife, mom, whatever), you guys can walk at the same time; even if you're in different colleges. so you'll be going along with civic engineering, when they'll say, 'and walking with george is his sister helga, receiving her degree in underwater basket weaving.' so of course this caused all my irritation of not having yet finished my degree to resurface. i am LITERALLY 5 classes and a recital away from my diploma. great time to start getting chronic migraines, yes? no. but these were just a few momentary twinges. all in all, it was a beautiful day. :) pictures will hopefully be coming soon!

Monday, April 24, 2006
something funny

i'm a total redbox junkie. i rent a movie from them 3 or 4 times a week, depending on how bad i'm feeling. and i can't remember the last time i paid for a rental; they have tons of codes for getting free rentals. ok, i can remember. it was this past weekend, when i forgot to turn it in on time. blast!

anyways, that's another matter. tonight, i was headed out for medicine (At wally world) and figured, if i'm going out, i might as well get a free dvd rental. hubby is working late at school (still is not home..... ) and so i figured it'd be good to have some entertainment. as i'm pulling away, i see this little girl, probably 7 or so, riding her little bike up to the mickey D's. she parks the bike and runs in, holding in her hands a redbox dvd. i laughed out loud, i could just imagine her parents sending her out to return the dvd. hilarious. hopefully she doesn't rent them, too; you have to use a credit card.

for the curious, i watched The man; i can't say i recommend it, but it had some funny moments. i mean, eugene levy. how can it not be funny?


well, it's raining. that about says it all. the forecase says it'll rain all day today. so i'm not feeling good at all, is basically what that means.

i couldn't believe it when i got onto my blog this morning; i didn't write ALL weekend? even friday! that's crazy. you might be thinking it's because i had an awesome and busy weekend. you'd be wrong. i did a couple of things, though. friday night, my mom's ward (church congregation) was having a mother/daughter sleepover. my youngest sister was really excited about it, so i wanted to make it; it was a lot of fun. i didn't actually sleep over; i went back to my mom's house and slept there. i have too many problems getting to sleep and staying asleep as it is, without young girls waking me up all night. saturday was a really good headache day; i hung out with my husband all afternoon and we had a great time. we went out to dinner for his birthday at red robin (a favorite restaurant of both of us) -- :YESTERDAY: was his birthday. :) it was lots of fun. i wasn't feeling well yesterday, either, so he had to help me make the birthday dinner and dessert. lame. but we got it all done, and had some friends and family over for dessert. it was lots of fun, all around. from me, he got a book on low-light and night photography and the season 7 (?) of the simpsons. he seemed pleased with them.....

and now, before i leave you, i've got to show you something disturbing i saw this weekend. the red robin is in a mall, and we wandered around in there after dinner; he needed to get his hair cut. walking by a hallmark store, i saw this on the shelf:

imagine, if you will, the box C LOSED. i can't find a picture of it closed, so just think of it for me. it looked like a coffin. (maybe this is because we're just post-Easter) in any case, it seemed somewhat morbid and weird to me -- but when i read the tag, it said it was a 'mother daughter trinket box". weird. you can check it out here, about 2/3 of the way down the page. it's from a line called 'willow tree', which i normally like very much. this one, i found really odd. any opinions?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thirteen things I'm thankful for today

1. my husband - for always helping me to get the household chores done and making me laugh every day

me at zions

2. my dad - for spending time with me
3. my mom - for always having time to talk, and calling to check up on me
4. my sister - for letting me come over and hang out with her and her kids
5. my other sister (no blog) :-( - for making me laugh everytime i talk to her
6. the gospel of Christ - for giving me hope through difficult times and pain
7. in-laws who care for me and are always trying to help me find a way out of this headache
8. the necessities of life we so often take for granted; abundant food and shelter
9. ice cream for soothing hurts at the end of a tough day
10. flowers and mountains, and other beauties of nature that brighten my life
11. my sister's kids, for loving me, and giving me someone to spoil and adore

12. email, the internet(thanks al gore), and a cell phone - for keeping me connected to the world
13. sunshiny weather!!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
What's for Dinner Wednesday?

What's for dinner? hmm. i think that we're gonna have scalloped potatoes and ham. we've got some leftover ham from easter dinner, and of course loads of potatoes. :) it'll be my second time trying to make this; the first time was (of course) a disaster.

so tell me what YOU'RE having for dinner tonight - seriously. or if you don't know yet - what did you have for dinner last night? feel free to link to a recipe on your site!!

thanks for playing!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
it's been a better day

by far! i am feeling much better today than i was yesterday. the bad weather has passed, and my headache is improved.

i read a post over on Mommy Life about ways to use up leftover hard-boiled eggs. what are you going to do with yours? i'm thinking cut up in salads, and as a light lunch (combined w/a yogurt). any other brilliant ideas? feel free to steal from the links she posted, i just want to know what YOU're doing. :0)

yesterday i watched 3 movies. yes, i'm being serious. is that a record? i'm pretty sure it is for me. they were (in order); runaway jury, in the time of the butterflies, and seabiscuit. i had seen seabiscuit before (and really liked it) but not the others. i liked runaway jury, but kind of wish i'd seen it before reading the book. i was somewhat...let down by the movie, since i had read the book already. hopefully that makes sense. 'in the time of the butterflies' was a really neat movie, it has salma hayek in it and is about the dominican republic under gen. trujillo's rule, and the revolution that brings about his downfall. it was a really powerful movie, and i love watching a movie that teaches me about something i didn't know before. that was the case w/this movie.

thanks for all your get-better wishes, bloggy world. :-) they are appreciated.

Monday, April 17, 2006

what a weekend --- it was a fabulous easter, and now it is SNOWING. weird. i am seriously in shock about it.

i had this really in depth dream last night - i even was TASTING things in the dream. weird.

i'm not feeling well at all - the migraine is in full force today.

Friday, April 14, 2006

yes -- i'm excited for the weekend - mostly so i can (hopefully) spend more time with my husband. he's been super busy at school the past couple weeks, and i am dying for some ALONE time with him! maybe a date tonight or tomorrow.

our taxes are done, which is GREAT news - and tonight we're having pizza for dinner - woohoo! some meeting he's putting on at school is providing the food. :) mmmm, no cooking! love it, love it, LOVE IT!

we went to a party last night, some church friends of ours were having their 50th anniversary. it was a great party, really well done. and it made me think how different the world is NOW from how it was when they were married in 1956. whew. clearly i wasn't around in '56, but i've got some ideas. ;) then of course, i thought about when spencer and i are celebrating our 50th anniversary; it'll be 2054. weird. it sounds like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie. speaking of marriage; last night before we went to the party, i was lamenting all the housework i had to get done, and how disappointed i was that i hadn't taken care of it. i DID get to the grocery store, but that was about it. so he spent about an hour or so cleaning the kitchen and putting away laundry, sweeping the kitchen and vacuuming the front room. what a GUY! i felt like this huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. why do i feel so attached to a clean house? i don't know. it seriously stresses me out when things are messy or dirty.

anywho, i hope everyone has a great Easter -- our plans are just to go up to my parents' house on sunday. my other sisters and their families will be there too! looking forward to it, of course, and hoping my headache will be tolerable that day.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thirteen of Emily's favorite Easter candies!

1. reese's peanut butter eggs. i LOVE them
2. cadbury eggs - although these seem to be getting sweeter as i get older. weird.
3. chocolate bunnies - i love to eat them smeared with peanut butter.
4. those hard sugar, hollow eggs that had our names written on the outside, and you could look inside and see a scene? Emily i know EXACTLY what you're talking about. i used to love those. haven't had one for years.
5. jelly beans - of course
6. any kind of candy bar egg; snickers YUMMMMM
7. and i know this isn't candy, but i really do like eating easter eggs - just hard boiled eggs.
8. did you know that Each year, U.S. manufacturers produce more than 16 billion jelly beans for Easter -- that's enough to completely fill a plastic Easter egg 89 feet high and 60 feet wide (about the height of a nine-story office building) wow. this is from
9. i do love peeps, tho not as much as i used to. still, stale marshmallows? fabulous.
10. wow, are there even 13 different kinds of easter candy? this is hard.
11. ooh, i love those tootsie rolls that are different flavors; vanilla, cherry, etc.
12. i also like those marshmallow eggs - in moderation. ;)
13. seriously, though, i can't eat chocolate this year. weird. Hooray for Easter!!

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Monday, April 10, 2006
a king kong da ding dong

well, i have to start out and tell you all how we liked king kong, since i told you we were going to see it; i liked it a lot. i thought it was great! a fabulous commentary on the thoughtless nature of humans where their environment and animals are concerned. also a unique love story. HOWEVER; i covered my eyes through a scene which may have changed my love for this movie (hence we will not be owning it) -- for any who have seen the movie, it involved large bugs. yeah. i'm a huge wimp and just turned my head into my husband's shoulder through that whole scene. from his reaction (and the rest of the theater), it was pretty intense. AKA not for me. sooo i wouldn't heartily recommend it. but I enjoyed it.

just for the sake of lists, here are a few movies i hope we DO own soon --

pride and pred (the new one)
about a boy
far and away
muppet treasure island (can't get enough of these guys)
and while we're at it, the muppet show set
and dreamer

ooh. i love dream lists. ;) anyways, i'm doing ok today; yesterday was a really lame day as far as headaches are concerned. i stayed through all of church (probably a mistake) and then the rest of the day my headache just got worse and worse and worse. i ended up taking something for it at 7:30 and sleeping much of the rest of the evening. typical. when someone develops a medicine that will take care of my migraine and NOT make me fall asleep for the next 6 hours -- i think they're gonna make big bucks. and rightfully so. i would be willing to pay $12 a pill for that. but zomig and imitrex; kind of a glorified sleeping pill as far as i'm concerned. do they affect everyone this way? i don't know. they help take care of my pain (and i most CERTAINLY do not use them as sleeping pills, i don't want to be misunderstood), but i would love to enjoy my headache free hours in consciousness rather than just sleeping them away. any thoughts from fellow migraine sufferers out there?

anywho, i'm doing pretty good today. the rain is here. :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

welllllllll -- tonight is date night for us!! we're going to the dollar theater (is there any other date? i don't think so) -- to see King Kong. i'm pretty excited, although i hear it's 3 hours long. whew. that is a LONG TIME for me to sit in one of those theater chairs. movies today need an intermission like they used to have (ok, i realize this was before i was born, but it did exist). i need to get up and stretch my legs, have a potty break - you get the idea.

the weather here is super nice; sunny, breezy and 68 degrees. whew. it doesn't get any better than that. yesterday, same. tomorrow -- same. exciting.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thirteen ways to have your EGGS and eat them too!

1. scrambled
2. hard-boiled
3. fried
4. poached
5. over easy
6. sunny side up
7. over medium
8. over hard
9. eggs benedict
10. breakfast burrito
11. omlette
12. toad in the hole
13. moons over my hammy (Denny's anyone?)
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
a NEW look for the sassy lime!!

i LOVE it. my husband helped me put it up, and here it is!! tada!!

i have to thank Maddie over at GirlieBits for being so great and giving me this free template! she has lots of fabulous things over there; she does blog designs. how do you like it, internet world? i simply must know -- validate me!


so the other night, when i wrote that i was still up at 3 am? ha. i laugh at 3 am. i ended up not getting to sleep till sometime after 5 am. whew. that'll throw off your schedule!! so then monday i slept till 12:30, ate and took some meds, and slept again till 4. interesting. i'm getting back on track, tho. only three days of rain this week (tues, wed., and thurs.) so i'm looking at that as being a good thing; a blessing in disguise. 3 is less than half!

i just finished watching Memoirs of a Geisha; it was beautifully done. i had already heard that visually, it was stunning. and it was. it followed the book very well, i thought. of course lots was left out, but in the interest of making a book a film....and it was not things i missed. did that even make sense? huh. anyways, last night spencer and i watched chicken little; it surpassed my expectations (which were low) and made me laugh several times. i bet kids would like it a lot. and as a (semi) grown-up, looking back on childhood, i could empathize with the poor little chicken. hahaha.

Monday, April 03, 2006
so it's 3 a.m. ....

why can't i sleep?

wish i knew. i've been having trouble sleeping lately; my head hurts, so it's hard to sleep (makes sense, right?) anyways, this is the end-all, be-all of can't sleep nights. usually it just takes me an hour or so to fall asleep, and then i wake up every 2 or 3 hours. not great, but liveable, especially because it's not like i have to go to school or work in the morning. however, just not being able to sleep? lame.

i will tell you a story or three about emily in the kitchen.

#1 - the angel food cake: i promise, i followed ALL the directions on the box. i still don't know what went wrong. what i DO know is that it overflowed while cooking. this means that dinner (aka disaster #2) just helped to burn on the remains of the angel food cake. b/c was i feeling up to scrubbing the oven? um, no.

#2 - dinner saturday night was pizza; we made it freezer cooking, and it should have taken 15 minutes to cook. HA~! hahahaha. no. it took about an hour. this was (of course) at a time when my husband was needing to leave. we made it in the nick of time, him shoveling pizza in at the last possible minute.

which brings us to kitchen disaster #3 (please remember, this is only from the past weekend)

#3 - tonight, while making pad thai (don't get too excited, it was a boxed mix) i had done everything right. i was pretty impressed with myself. the last thing to do was put the sauce in. soooo clever me, i use a knife to open the plastic pouch, cutting my index finger at the same time. can you say OUCH? it was unpleasant. i had spencer come in and finish dinner while i applied pressure and put a band-aid on it. (don't you like how 'applied pressure' makes it seem like a legitimate wound? yeah, it's not) -- it felt a lot worse than it was.

in any case.......when does it get better? whew. this cooking stuff. not only hard work, but dangerous too. ;)

Sunday, April 02, 2006
the weekend

not a lot to blog about; have been feeling pretty bad most of this weekend. a quick rundown -- on thursday night we went to a dinner given to honor the EE students who just finished their senior projects (spencer) -- it was really nice, and the entertainment was wacky, but hilarious. words cannot even begin to describe, so i won't try. ;)

then friday night we went to spencer's mission reunion -- he served a mission for the LDS church (as do most young men aged 19-21) . we got together with some of the others he served with, as well as their spouses, and in some cases, children. it was fun, everyone was very nice, and he got to catch up with some old friends.

whew. this weekend was the LDS church's general conference. my sister put it well when she said - general (as in all 12 million of us) conference (we watch and listen to our leaders giving instruction). there are several sessions, and i heard some really fabulous talks. i won't go into it anymore but to say that i was grateful to have listened, and that i learned a lot.

spencer and i went to temple square tonight, to get him away from his schoolwork (which is intense as of late) -- he took some amazing photos, i'll let you know when they're up on his site. that's it for now - told you there wasn't much to say!!

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