Friday, June 30, 2006
the end of the week? already?

ha. as if. this week has kind of drug (dragged?) on and on for me! mostly just b/c the headaches have been bad -- a storm is coming in tomorrow, but it has been *trying* to come in all week. soooo you know that means my headaches have been acting up.

but i got an amazing award today from my bloggy friend denise! she gave me THIS today;
ah!! i'm so fabuous! what a pick-me-up. now i just have to get my husband to put it on my sidebar! hahahaha.

and now for the requisite headache moment; one thing i have been trying lately is pomegranate juice. i read about it on one of my migraine forums, and some ppl. had had some success with it. soooo of course, i'm willing to try anything, and went out and bought some. it does help! not for very long, (an hour or two), but i can tell the difference! during my worst headaches, it doesn't seem to help. but the rest of the time, i can feel and improvement. so i'm drinking a glass at every meal this week, to see if there's any cumulative effect. b/c let me tell you, pomegranate juice ain't cheap! lol. i'll keep you all updated about this 'development'. also, monday morning early early is my next neuro appointment. i am going to try and convince him to refer me to one of his colleagues.....probably this will be touchy, but it needs to happen!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

well, for dinner today we had a pot pie. like, from the microwave. my headache was at record highs, and once i woke up from a nap, i needed to eat SOON! so we microwaved one of those big marie callendar's potpies and split it.

good times. :)

what did you have for dinner tonight?

on an unrelated topic, i added someone new to my blogroll on the right; Terri at Wind Lost. terri is an engineer who lives in canada and blogs about her chronic daily headache (like me!). in reality, our headaches have some similarities and some differences, but what's the same is the gist of the health issues we're dealing with right now. she's a pal and i love to read about her efforts to learn more about her headaches and find answers. she is able to understand the struggles of life with migraine, and i am so appreciative of her presence. please go visit her and say hello!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
so much to say, so much to say..

have i mentioned lately that i LOVE me some DMB? just wanted to be sure that is clear.

the birthday was fabulous -- my sisters came (also my older sister's fam) to have desserts and hang out. it was good times. my husband got me a fabulous present, but it ended up being shorter than it looked -- mainly b/c my ample behind made it ride up weird in the back. SOoooooo we had to return it. that's ok, b/c that means i got to go birthday shopping tonight! hurrah!

just for reference, here's the fabulous dress --
Piqué Polo Dress

totally cute, right? right.

wellllll, i went to Old navy, they're having a spend $50, get 10 off deal, so that was just perfect! and i got this,



(yes i got those khakis for $6.97. try to contain your jealousy, please)


and finally, these:

ah, shopping. how i love thee.

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday dear emily
happy birthday to me.

thanks for all the happy birthday wishes; just wanted to let you all know it was a fabulous day, and the celebration is continuing!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Your Birthdate: June 25

You excel at anything difficult or high tech.
In other words, you're a total (brilliant) geek.
It's difficult for you to find people worth spending time with.
Which is probably why you'll take over the world with your evil robots!

Your strength: Your unfailing logic

Your weakness: Loving machines more than people

Your power color: Tan

Your power symbol: Pi

Your power month: July
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

huh. not so much. but it's a nice thought, right? lol - excel at anything high tech? i wish! ah well -- happy birthday to me!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

quilting! i'm at it again. it's (once again), not going well. BLECH~~!~!!!!! i'm seriously about to go insane.

ok. deep breaths.

the good news: my hubby helped me so that i can consistently thread the machine and bobbin correctly. (the problem was actually that the bobbin wasn't the right height for the machine).

the bad news: after ripping out all the seams for the square and re-sewing them so the seams were SMALLER, only *some* of the squares are the right size. ACK! so there are 4 squares in the one actual quilt square. and they are not the same size!!! this is bad. very bad.

my husband has reassured me that he'll help me figure it out when he gets home, but i am so irritated!!! how hard can this be? how annoying can this be? why did i think i could do this? clearly, i cannot!!

Friday, June 23, 2006
aaaaaaaand we're back

i promised you a picture of our dressy date night last week, and here it is~! hubby claims this is the one that flatters his figure best. i asked him, 'what about me and MY figure?' and he said (brilliantly), 'your figure doesn't need flattering!'. those of you who know my husband are laughing, b/c he has a slender physique. it's not like he's got a pot belly or anything, lol.

camp was good - i felt bad -- i came home on wednesday night. i wish there was more to tell. but there just isn't!
i think i've caught up on all my blog reading. :) another date night for the husband and i tonight; my birthday dinner at red robin. can you say YUM?!

Monday, June 19, 2006

this is a strawberry shortcake a made a few weeks ago; thought i'd share it with you all.

date pictures are still forthcoming....we're really building the anticipation here, right?

i'm going camping tomorrow; the trip is supposed to last till friday sometime. so if i'm feeling good, i won't be back till then. if i'm not feeling well -- and honestly, we all know this is the more likely scenario -- i'll be back sooner. ta ta for now!

Friday, June 16, 2006
it's friday, it's friday

and i am resting. more on that later. spencer and i went out last night on a fancy date; my parents got me tickets for my birthday to see the 5 browns in concert. in case you don't know who they are, they're 5 brothers and sisters (total of 5, not 5 each) who all play the piano - really really well. they all 5 went to julliard and are, in short, amazing pianists. i have both their cd's (given to me as gifts), and enjoy them thoroughly. given my love for music and piano specifically, you can see why this was pretty much the most perfect gift ever. (my birthday's not till the 25th, p.s.) still plenty of time to get those gifts in the mail. no, j/k. the concert was amazing, and the only drawback was that (of course) i had a migraine, which by the third piece was raging towards unbearable levels. so i took a zomig, which kept it under control the rest of the concert, thankfully. i was worried i'd have to leave, which would have been totally LAME. the 5 browns are all (i think) in their 20s, so to be touring and recording is pretty amazing. they played a few 5 piano arrangements (rhapsody in blue, west side story, firebird, simple gifts/hope) and some trios and duos, and there were also solo pieces! it was such a fabulous time. my favorite 2 were the solo called gargoyles and the 5 piano arrangement of scenes from west side story. of course it made me ache for my days of playing the piano, but not in a sobbing, hopeless way (this has happened before), but in a good way, like hoping that's in my future still.

pictures will be forthcoming. not to worry.

today my husband's work friends are getting together for a BBQ; our assignment is drinks, and everyone brings their own meat (or vegetarian dishes in the case of their two hindu friends). so i had to go to the store today and pick up the soda, the juice, the meat, etc., etc., etc. and for some reason this took me forever. my body feels totally worn out. possibly a side effect still hanging over from last night's zomig. it just wears me out and makes me SO tired. in any case, so i've got about one more hour to lay down and rest until it's time to leave.

i think i'll take full advantage of that.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thirteen fun sites i like to visit....
excluding blogs!
warning; language is not always good at these sites -- be warned, i do not endorse their language, just enjoy the site content......

1. craigslist. always a good one; i love checking out the free, and also the clothes. have i ever actually bought anything? no. but it's fun to look!

2. yahoo or MSN games; whoa, i think i waste a lot of time here. on yahoo, i play glinx, and on MSN i play luxor.
3. BYU's 100 hour board. .... they answer questions ppl. write in, and they answer w/in 100 hours -- hard to explain, just go check it out.
4. boing boing --really strange news stories and web sites.
5. dear abby. i don't even know WHY i read this. but i do. weird, huh?
6. homestar runner ; wow this site makes me laugh SO HARD> i highly recommend it.
7. headache forums; i am a member of about 3; 2 migraine forums, one chronic pain forum -- i learn a LOT and meet lots of nice ppl.s
8. favorite shopping sites; amazon, the gap, oldnavy, etc.... :)
9. my hubby's website; lots of fun pictures, and some technical articles about computers and/or SLR cameras.
10. kraft's cooking website; i think everyone probably knows about this site, but if not, CHECK IT OUT. lots of recipes, and fun ideas.
11. the consumerist -- stories of bad customer service, some recordings.
12. you knit what? my sister showed me this, and i seriously cannot stop going there. it is SO funny. it's like go fug yourself for knitters.
13. google news -- i'm a fan.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
a quilting update

for those of you who read this blog regularly (ha! who am i kidding - i know who you are! hi mom, hi edge, and hi my dear husband!) in any case, i mentioned last week i was going to go work on some quilting. my husband's aunts met with me and my SIL up at my SIL's place. they taught us all we needed to know about quilting. unfortunately, that doesn't instill talent.....or, let's be honest, any kind of ability whatsoever. i know how to do what i want to do....but i am completely stupid when it comes to sewing. i'm an idiot! i sew things closed that are supposed to be open, i catch pieces of fabric underneath and sew them to .... well, whatever, and i spend much more time ripping out than i do sewing. soooo it's not my favorite thing in the world, but i'm learning to quilt. why? you might ask? good question, fair reader. my husband's family is having a reunion in july, and most all of the women in the family are making a quilt square (8 1/2 inches square, they're very particular about that). ok, actually 33 quilt squares. then we trade, and have the makings of our very own heirloom quilt. say it with me, 'aaaaaaaaaw'. yes. it's going to be great. if i can just make the first square, i know it'll get easier from there! instead, i get this;

huh. must not have threaded the bobbin right. seemed right. obviously NOT. let's try again, on a scrap this time:

yeah. same. i need a bobbin intervention, here people! help me! .........anyone? anyone? ........beuller?

in case you're wondering, the finished product is supposed to look like this;

if you weren't laughing before, you are now, right? i'm thinkin' what i really need to do at this point is skip the sewing thing and just cut out some 8 1/2 inch squares. what think ye?

Monday, June 12, 2006
an open letter

to the maroon mazda driving on 8th south at 2pm.

dear MM --

i cannot physically drive any faster than the car in front of me is driving. let me wait while you wrap your head around that. ......... deep, i know. SO tailgating me will actually not help either of us to drive any faster. i know the person in front of me was only going 30 in a 35. and i'm sure you were in a hurry. HOWEVER, tailgating only serves to irritate both of us. please note this for the future.

also, chill out.

the green car in front of you.

Sunday, June 11, 2006
so much to say, so much to say...

that's right. i've been away for so long, my friends. i wonder if anyone is actually coming to read anymore? i'll have to check out my statcounter thing. in any case, before i forget, go check out mary's post about larger families. i came from what might be considered a 'larger' family - 5 kids. and it rang true. what a beautiful post. :)

and i have to post an updated shot of my herbs -- we repotted them last week, and they're just doing great! the basil needs a dowel, and the tomatoes (in the far corner) need cages. but other than that, they've found a new life!

in other fabulous news, i went to the SLC farmer's market yesterday with my sister, Edge. it was rad. the only thing i actually bought was a grocery bag full of green and red lettuce -- for 3 dollars. love that place. also i got a henna tatoo of a lotus blossum.....see below...
i have a few sweet excuses for my blogging absence.

#1. a storm came through, and i was feeling super bad for a while there.
#2. nothing interesting to say -- only complaining. you didn't want to read that anyways.
#3. yeah, i guess those are the only ones.

but i'm back now! i've been reading all along, just not commenting.

ok, here's a weird story for you. a couple weeks ago, 'joni' called, telling me that she had an appointment for me at the pain clinic -- and we set it all up, and i've been complaining about how far away it is. (sept. 12). then a few days later, ashley calls, she says she's the new appointment person for the pain clinic. so i'm thinking ashley's somehow missed my appointment. or maybe since i was referred, i came in a different way than usual? anyways, so i call ashley back to tell her that i already have an appointment, and she doesn't know what i'm talking about. i tell her joni called me last week, and we already set up an appointment. she goes, 'joni who?'. huh. i'm thinkin........i don't know. joni at the pain clinic! the numbers they're calling from both start with the same first three #s, so i'm thinking they're both from the same pain clinic. apparently not. they don't have a joni who works there. soooooo i make another appointment with ashley's pain clinic. and THEY have an opening on july 27th! sweet. i'm loving that. i'm also somewhat confused, because i didn't know my neurologist was referring me to two different pain clinics. i'm gonna have to call them and straighten this all out.

also have been reading on migraine forums, and am beginning to think i need to find a neuro who specializes in migraines. .... the only one recommended in utah is not accepting new patients. hasn't been for a while. but....maybe i'll go to a neighboring state. drive 5 or 6 hours. we shall see.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006
What's for dinner Wednesday?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. wellll........ what's for dinner? i think we're having a salad with spicy chicken cut up in it. that remains to be seen, though. quite possibly we'll have leftovers!! yummmm.

what about you? what're you having for dinner tonight? don't forget to visit Krisco, the WFDW flagship.

i'm off to learn to quilt. more on that later. ;)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

hiya dudes and dudettes. i'm feeling worse than usual today; i've somehow caught a cold or flu, or whatever, blech. you'd think that my staying home alone and laying in bed would keep me safe from all communicable diseases, but apparently not! lol. i'm resting and taking tylenol and what have you, trying to get the fever to go away. tomorrow is quilting! i clearly can't be sick for quilting! i need to go learn from the master.

in other news, spencer and i tried a mexican restaurant we've been wanting to try for quite a while now -- it was supposed to be really good, but we go mixed reviews. it's a hole in the wall kind of place. well y'all, it was great. i loved it. good times, and even better, now i have a leftover burrito! sweet. (ok, go check out the link) .....that music is pretty rockin'.

to make up for my recent super-boring posts, here is a picture of my herbs! that's my back porch, and we've got cilantro, sage, basil, chamomile, oregano....and 2 tomato plants. yes i realize that tomatoes aren't herbs. but that's what's back there , nonetheless. enjoy, folks. .... and get ready for What's for Dinner Wednesday? tomorrow!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

the campout was great -- thanks for all the well-wishes and breakfast ideas! unfortunately, i didn't get the recipes till we were home! but there's always a next time, right?

camping wore me out hardcore and of course sleeping on an air mattress and sitting on camp chairs made my back hurt worse. blah, blah, blah. boring...... but i'm feeling better today. back to my 'normal' pain levels. :)

i read a really interesting article online about possible price gouging at pharmacies. i've been going to walmart, but after reading this, i may just switch to costco.....
i got this link from the migraine forums. if you regularly fill prescriptions, it's worth a read for sure!

very little else to say.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thirteen things to bring on the campout this weekend!
We're going camping w/my family this weekend; fun times will be had by all!

1. breakfast foods -- this is the meal we're in charge of; oatmeal packets, hot cocoa packets, and fruit.

2. snack foods -- we're also in charge of snacks; this'll include veggies, granola bars, and s'more makings (including hershey's w/almonds for my nutty mom and sisters) ;)
3. tent. kind of a given, right?
4. sleeping bags - borrowed from my parents. luckily they had 5 kids, so they've got extras!
5. bug repellant. bugs are SERIOUSLY attracted to me. they *like* my blood.
6. sunscreen. my husband's a redhead, i'm blonde. you do the math.
7. camp chair. i get tired reaaal quick of sitting on logs.
8. air mattress. i'm a wimp; if i don't have one my back just declines to function the next morning.
9. my husband; he puts up the tent. ;) j/k. no i guess not. he really does.
10. spencer's camera. he takes great pictures.
11. my sister's kids, for loving me, and giving me someone to spoil and adore

12. maps to get to the campsite. always a plus.
13. sunshiny weather!! (fingers crossed)

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