Thursday, March 29, 2007
Wiki your birthday

shamelessly stolen from Mary at Owlhaven.

i apologize in advance for the RANDOM nature of the BOLDING in this entry. i can't fix it. i tried.

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day only): June 25. :) my favorite thing about my birthday is that it's exactly 6 months from Christmas. so Christmas is my 1/2 birthday.

2. List events that occurred on that day of interest to you:

1876 - Battle of the Little Bighorn and the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer

1940 - France formally surrenders to nazi Germany

1950 - the beginning of the Korean war

1975 - Mozambique achieves independence.

1976 - Missouri governor Christopher S. Bond issues an executive order rescinding the Extermination Order, formally apologizing on behalf of the state of Missouri for the suffering it had caused the Latter Day Saints.

1991 - Croatia and Slovenia declare their independence from Yugoslavia.

3.List a Few Birthdays:

1903- George Orwell (pen name of Eric Arthur Blair), British writer, d. 1950

1945 - Carly Simon, American Singer

1963 - George Michael, British singer

4. List a death:

1767 - Georg Philipp Telemann, German composer (b. 1681)

5. List a holiday or observance (if any):

National Catfish Day (i can't make this up, people)

Mozambique Independence Day

If you're reading this and want an easy blog post, I tag YOU!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
in lieu of real content....

a forwarded email joke! hooray! this is pretty funny, and my fierce hatred for dental work only made me enjoy this all the more.. (#7? that happens to me ALL THE TIME!)

You know how hard it is to talk to your dentist when your
teeth are being cleaned or you are getting a filling? Well,
I decided I would make up a sort of sign language that you
could use to express yourself without having to mumble.

Below are 10 common things you might wish to say, numbered
1-10. These would be printed on a poster and mounted on the
ceiling above the dentist chair.

It would give you something to read since procedures can be
boring. When a phrase seems appropriate, you would just hold
up the corresponding number of fingers to express yourself.
The dentist would not need to stop to ask you to repeat
yourself and could fix the problem right away.

1. Everything is fine, but my nose itches.

2. When you get a chance, there seems to be spit running
down my neck.

3. So, I guess you had garlic again for lunch today?

4. You realize that wasn't my tooth that you just poked with
that incredibly sharp tool of yours.

5. I would REALLY prefer you didn't do that again.

6. Could you please suction the chunk of debris that you
missed before I gag?

7. Remember how I said I was numb? I think I may have been

8. Wait a minute -- maybe I am allergic to latex.

9. Just so you know, if I don't get to take a break soon, I
may bite you.

10. Please stop asking me stupid questions about myself or I
will take that paper mask off your face.

Received from Valerie Goldston.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
here's a question for you...

how stupid do you have to be to lock yourself out TWO TIMES in one week?


i locked myself out last week - of my car this time. that's not even the best part. here it is: i not only left the keys in the ignition, but i LEFT THE CAR RUNNING.

in the walmart parking lot.

it must be a testimony to my good luck (or other's honesty) that no one smashed the window and drove it off while i was in the store. because, seriously? i didn't even notice until i couldn't find my keys.


let that one sink in. how stupid was i feeling? pretty dumb. i went to walmart w/my sister and had driven two of her little ones with me. because didn't you know how COOL it is to ride in my car? oh, it's way cool. so while we're getting out of the car, i'm of course stressing about them trying to run off, and trying to keep a hold of them. in all of this i did manage to lock my doors, but forgot all about my keys. :(

soooo anyways, we have Triple A. i called; they came. it was as simple as that. but if i can add in one more tidge of whining? i had to sit out with the car while i was waiting because you KNOW i wasn't going to let my car out of my sight while the keys were VISIBLY DANGLING from the ignition. i think everyone who walked by was wondering why in the heck i was sitting on my bumper. alone. in the walmart parking lot.

this really isn't even something i do often. the last time i locked myself out (before last week, haha) was probably my freshman year of college. so weird.

and then here are some BEAUTIFUL tulips my sister gave me - when i hosted our craft day. i haven't told you all about our craft day yet. i need to gather some pictures!

it's the first day of Spring!

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Monday, March 19, 2007
where's the beef?

****Edited to Add: You simply MUST see the chicken version here....

this made me laugh. i guess it's the cow.

i'm sure it's there so that people who don't read english (or don't read, period) will know that it's a beef cup-o-noodles. nevertheless.


Saturday, March 17, 2007
it's the 17th...

don't forget to do the BSE! check in with holymama! :)

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yesterday I locked myself out of the house. I went out to get the mail IN MY PAJAMAS, and when i came back i couldn't get back in; my door was locked. it turned out i had inadvertently turned the lock on the door knob when i left. the weather was great, so i really can't complain; but i'm going to anyway. i sat in the backyard for a while, and realized that there was an old man a couple houses down watering his flowers/bushes/whatever plants. for a LONG time. i was waiting for him to go around the corner so i could do some pilates. but i didn't really want to do it while he was watching. so i start, and then he comes back around, and starts hosing off his car. not washing it, mind you. just hosing it off. just when i thought he must be done, he gets out his big garbage can (the one you take the trash to the street in) and (you got it) starts hosing that down too. weird. i wanted to ask him if i realized we lived in a desert. seemed like a major waste of water.

besides, i was locked out of my house; what else did i have to do but make snap judgments about my neighbors? that's right nothing. i didn't bring my keys (obviously) or my cell phone w/me to get the mail. if i had my cell phone i would've called my husband and made him come home and let me in -- but i couldn't even go to a neighbor's house and ask to use the phone, b/c i don't know my husband's work number! so i sat. i figured my landlord (lives upstairs) would come home before my husband, and i was right. all in all, it was somewhere between 1 and 2 hours. of course, i didn't have my watch either, so i don't really know.

remember valentine's day? yes, a month ago. i just put the pictures on the computer. here's us at our dinner:
you can't see it very well, but i got a stain on my new white shirt that night; D'oh! it came out though. this place (where we ate) was one of those teppanyaki restaurants, and we had such a fun time that night.

in other news, today marks the first wearing of sandals and capris of the year!! hooray for unseasonably warm weather!!

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

your words of encouragement are exactly what i needed. i think i'll print them out for another rainy day. thank you.

in other news, life rambles on slowly but surely. the new pain med helps more than the last. still not (in my estimation) taking most of the pain away, but at least it's more than before. i'll see the pain doc in another few weeks, and we'll see if he wants to adjust it.

i'm getting the last class arranged for an august graduation. :) i'm very excited, and don't feel the sadness over what could have been (college degree-wise) that i thought i might. as my sister said, a lot of times it's heart-breaking to make a difficult decision, but once you've made it, it's easier to move forward. that is how this has been.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
more on migraines...

sorry i feel like that's all i write about anymore. how boring.

also i'm sorry i haven't been able to comment on other people's blogs! am i the only one having this trouble? the comment screen will SAY visual verification (that nonsense you have to type), but there isn't actually any jumble of letters to type. :(

in any case, every month i get an email newsletter from as in babes with chronic illnesses. here's what it said (in part):

New today at
Wave goodbye to your old self

Each day you wish you could be your "old" self will make you feel like a failure. But each day you exercise compassion for your "new" self—and embrace your current abilities—you'll appreciate every accomplishment even more. The Editrix has learned this from experience. And btw, it's much more fun coming up with new ways to enjoy life than lamenting old ways that don't work anymore.

and i just happened to have been thinking about this yesterday. weird. more like i was thinking yesterday about how i always dreamed or planned or thought my life would be. i certainly never thought about having a headache all the time, laying in bed most of the time, and hardly getting anything done.

let me tell you who i was. i was someone who loved to be busy and get things done. i thrive(d) (throve?) on the feeling of accomplishment i got from finishing projects, working on things till they were done, learning something new. i love playing the piano, getting that last tough part in a piece figured out. i was loud, loved to laugh, and loved being with people. i loved dancing, singing out loud, listening to music turned way up. i was reliable. i could be counted on to do what i said i was going to do, and be there if i said i was going to be there. i earned my own money and took care of myself. there was nothing i couldn't do.

so meeting people now, i feel like they're not really meeting me. not the real me. this is me with a headache. i feel like a shadow of who i am. i'm always having to cancel plans, turn down the volume, leave early, sleep in late, and figure out how i can get my few chores done. do you ever look around and realize that this is your life? that it's not what you planned on?

why should pain change my personality and my understanding of myself?

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