Tuesday, November 27, 2007

it was a great Thanksgiving.

and also, my hair is brown now.
i like it pretty well. mainly, i needed a change. and this is certainly a change.

so Thanksgiving; there was talking, laughter, and Guitar Hero.

my littlest sister K had an early lead in the competition, but was later beaten by a few of the brothers-in-law.

then it was time for the littlest of guitar heroes to have their turn.

here's T with an axe,

and my nephew E demonstrating the little-used sitting position for guitar playing.

once the guitar playing had lost its allure, there was still time to kill before we could eat! grandma invented a new game; put a leaf on every pumpkin of aunt G's pajama pants *without* waking her.
masterful job indeed.

stay tuned, next time we will feature photos taken by E and T -- you don't want to miss it.

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Friday, November 23, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving!

i hope everyone had a great one. i had a wonderful day with family yesterday.

and now it is black friday -- christmas shopping has begun in earnest.

my favorite deal of the day? $3 pot'o'golds.

spencer went out early, i didn't. i slept in and we hit the day-long sales together in the afternoon. great times.

did you go out and shop? if so, what was your best deal?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
8 things meme

the more memes i do, the harder it is to think of new things. and i am not awesome enough to check my own archives to see what i wrote before. so let's see what i can pull out of my head, shall we?

1- one of the blogs i've started reading most recently is called 'in sickness and in health', a blog about how chronic illness or pain affects marriages. a great read for my headachey friends.

2-the thing i miss the most during my diet is ice cream. so creamy, so delicious. what can i say.

3- i was recently at a family function with spencer's family; and i was crocheting to pass the time, keep my hands busy. you know. one of spencer's aunts asked what i was making, and i told her, it was just a washcloth. she looked at my hands for a bit and said that she and spencer's grandma had been trying to figure what i was doing! lol. not only am i left-handed, but i am not the most.....rule-abiding crocheter. which i'm sure slows me down. i just found the whole things hilarious.

4-another website i've been spending time at lately -- craftster. there are forums for allllll different kinds of crafts. very fun.

5- i brought my plants all inside today - it is finally getting cold. :)

6-my shoe collection is somewhat....excessive. some (in my family) might say legendary. thankfully, i have an understanding husband and a fairly big closet.

the fact that they don't fit in one frame is somewhat ridiculous. i understand if you think i'm crazy. sometimes i think so too. but when i'm looking at shoes (in a store), there are still shoe styles and colors that i don't have or wish i had.....i'm sick, there's nothing else i can say.

7- this thanksgiving, i'm making 2 pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes. yummm.

8- i made these socks! they're warm and fuzzy. :)
they're pretty thick and chunky, more for wearing around the house than with shoes.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

a HILARIOUS thread is going on over at Notes from the Trenches about kitchen fiascos. i left a comment regarding my top two diasasters. it made me think i need to do a blog entry (or five) about my kitchen fiascos/diasters/problems.

please visit. it is not to be missed. :)

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

thanks for your kind thoughts about my recent migraine cycle -- they are appreciated, as are prayers.

and now, for something completely different, i give you Florence Foster Jenkins.

there are no words.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007
2 posts in 2 days?!?

You Belong in 1989

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.
What Year Do You Belong In?

well who would've guessed. for those who are curious, i was 8 years old in 1989. a funny quiz. :) let me know if any of you take it.

(also, scroll down for footwear friday)

i'm hoping to get back into blogging more regularly. #1 for an emotional outlet. #2 to keep far-away family updated. talking about doctor's appointments and diets and pills feels like my life sometimes, but telling the same story over and over...you get the idea. posting it here lets family (and friends!) keep up to date w/o having to call me and ask how i'm doing, what i'm trying.

so. how i'm doing today - really bad. the headache was just horrific when i woke up, and has subsided into miserable as i rest in bed. i'm still in the bad cycle that started about 2 weeks ago. my homeopathic doctor said it would get worse before it got better....and it has most decidedly gotten worse. i'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the better part! i'm still following my no sugar, no wheat, no dairy diet, and getting more used to it. i have eaten and entire jar (16 oz.) of almond butter in the month or so i've been on the diet. whoa. the bad cycle is supposed to resolve itself (and move onto the improvement) very soon, within the next 2 weeks. keep your fingers crossed for me!

tomorrow we're having spencer's lab group (and their wives/kids) over for dinner. i'm really looking forward to it, and looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and taking my pain meds. sweet relief!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

So welcome back! sorry for those of you who worried (deb) -- i am a-ok. the migraines have actually been worse than ever these past 2 weeks. so as much as i love shoes, i found myself unwilling to get out of bed and take pictures of them. writing about shoes, no problem, i love telling you all about my shoes. but the taking pictures..... so you can see, it was all just laziness in essence.

but i'm back! still feeling bad, but itching to talk about some cute shoes. :-)

and this week we have some of my most favorite brown dressy shoes -- in honor of the recent warmer temperatures. they're my knotted wedge heels. i couldn't remember for sure, but i thought i bought these from payless. so i looked up the brand name on the shoes (fioni) online, and they are indeed from payless. they are super comfortable, and yet (i think) really cute.

my shoe 'problem areas' are that my feet are really wide, and my arch is really high. this somewhat dooms me as far as clogs go, but as you can see, i really favor open-toed shoes anyway. these have a good stretch to the straps, and the widest part of my foot is in between straps -- this is key to making these shoes comfortable to me, i think.

like i said, these are from payless, and the brand is fioni -- they're probably from last summer. and they're a size 7.

and for interest's sake, i found a few more cute shoes made by fioni -- as well as a not-as-cute (IMHO) pair someone is trying to sell for $90!? maybe it's like isaac mizrahi for target, and there's a real line of more expensive fioni shoes? but the $90 ones are still made of 'faux leather'. i don't know. crazy.

happy friday, everybody!

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

people, i am one lame blogger.

i think i'll skip last week's Footwear Friday - it's best for everyone concerned.

the good news is, i'm over my cold.

the bad news is, the sugar cravings are just about killing me! i've gone off of sugar and white carbs before, and it was not *nearly* this difficult. whew.

this diet excludes sugar, wheat (all of it), dairy, and various other things like soy and peanuts. etc.

i feel like i'm on some kind of a diet (losing weight diet) -- b/c i'm eating so many vegetables. wowsers.

Footwear Friday will be back tomorrow with a vengeance!

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