Wednesday, November 30, 2005
and this is also funny....

heehee....sorry, but this is just humorous. if you go to, there's a whole *slew* of merchandise w/ the same motto. teehee.

i'm mormon (LDS), so of course i think it's a great choice. but the's kind of like a pun. which i usually don't take well to.

order 100 magnets for only $89.99!!!

a quick fashion tip.....

so usually, i don't like to write about celebrity fashions, or political things.....but i saw this on MSN's fashion don'ts......and i couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. plus, it's just been too long since i had any pictures on my blog! and who wants to read text, text, text....blah blah blah blah blah. see, no one's reading this anyways, they're just looking for pictures!

so in the interest of pictures (worth a thousand words) is a fine one of mariah carey. now obviously the 'outfit' thing is ridiculous, but i suppose could be justified if she was in a wrestling tournament of some kind. the shoe/sock combination, though. unacceptable. simply ridiculous.

that is all.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
random ramblings of a tuesday

Spencer and I went to see Flightplan last night; it was better than i expected it to be! very intense, and probably not one i'd want to see if i had kids. not that i don't love kids...but...yeah. you know! my older sister (the one with kids) says it just takes things to a whole new level when you see movies about bad things happening to kids. yikes.

so in addition to the movie last night, husband and i were going to go get ice cream. those of you who know me well know that *I LOVE ICE CREAM* - no joke. soo i was pretty excited about this. unfortunately, what had been a little nausea earlier in the day turned into nausea that can't be ignored during the movie. :/ hate when that happens. so we couldn't get ice cream, i just wanted to get home to bed w/o throwing up. which, incidentally did happen. sadly, this morning (and early afternoon) i am once AGAIN feeling nauseated. grr. that's so lame.

i did learn how to crochet recently; my older sis taught me, so i've been painstakingly working on a christmas themed washcloth. :) heehee. it's pretty cool, yet very slow going. my skilz are not yet very good.

in the spirit of fun internet links, my mom sent me one from my dad. it's fun, you have to put the 50 states in their places - without the state lines, you know? eh, just click on it to check it out. :)

Monday, November 28, 2005
fun internet links

Ok, here is a really cool link:

you go there and type in letters (one at a time) and as you type, it shows this graph of the most common (popular) baby names starting with those letters. hard to explain, but very cool. if you try it, you'll understand it better than by reading what i'm writing. sad but true!

and another very very funny thing - more along the STRANGE edge of things:

not only does it detail this person's making a mosaic with post-it notes (funny in and of itself) but it ALSO gives you instructions if you want to do the same thing! wheeeee!

Sunday, November 27, 2005
long time no post

yeah, so it's been a while; i feel like i've been sleeping for most of that time..... thanksgiving was great, it was especially wonderful to see everyone again, it's been a while for some; we also exchanged our sibling names for the gift exchange, so I'm on the lookout for gifts for my chosen sibling. at the last minute (that is, right before husband and i left my parents' house), i decided it'd be nice to have my little sis up for the weekend (the 10 year old one). and it was nice, we had great times together. unfortunately, i had just started a higher dosage of my anticonvulsant, so i really did sleep a LOT while she was here, and shifted the responsibility of taking care of her to my hubby. :( what a dope i am.

then i woke up this morning (her last few hours w/us), and had a HORRIBLE headache, worse than usual, and so i just had to say goodbye to her, and took my new med for getting rid of headaches instead of going to urgent care. this, of course, caused another few hours of sleep, instead of church. :( lame.

my headache is better now, but still not as good as it could be. you see, it snowed last night (and some more today), so i feel pretty certain that the change in weather brought this monster headache on. grrrrr. in general (before today, that is), my headaches had been getting better; they haven't been as severe. i'm supposed to call my neurologist again this thursday, so we'll see. i don't know if we'll keep moving the dosage up on the anticonvulsant or what, but hopefully he'll have some good ideas. i am immensely grateful that we've finally found a medicine that makes some kind of a difference, even if it isn't perfect, just any kind of improvement brings me so much hope!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If you have a couple of minutes and need a laugh, check out this video clip: it's about organic food, but is super funny.

2 items of note

okay, first of all, i had a weird dream last night. in this dream, i was at some gigantic sleepover; with mostly girls i didn't know. one girl i *did* know was one of my freshman roommates' friends, named Lisa (name has been changed to protect the innocent). so we're all changing clothes to go out, and i STEAL this girl's jeans! seriously. then she finds out about it, and i LIE to her about it!!!! so this is completely insane - i don't STEAL people's clothes -- and if i did, i wouldn't lie about it if i got caught!!!!!! yikes. so you might think that's where we hit bottom, but NO, such is not the case. in fact, the worst part is that (in the dream), i was more concerned about the fact that this girl's jeans fit me (b/c i always thought she was a bit pudgy) than i was about my own moral decline! yikes. scary.

it has come to my attention during the posting of i have made a *teensy* mistake. in the previous post (three things about me), under the 2 truths and a lie section.......those weren't my answers. no, seriously. you may think i'm some kind of compulsive liar (especially after my recent admissions, above), but i copied and pasted the thing from someone else's blog.....literally.....i filled in the other answers, but somehow skipped over that one. sooooo those are instead 3 lies. i don't have a crush on someone i know socially, i haven't lied to someone about supporting their decision, and MOST of all, i have never smoked! so i haven't lied about giving it up! oops. some people might have been very confused. i don't blame them!!! (that post has now been EDITED for my viewers :)

ok, the second thing i was planning to post about tonight (before the 2 truths and a lie debacle) was that today, for the first time ever, i went to see a movie by myself! it was a matinee showing, so obviously not high pressure, but nonetheless, i have never done it before, so that was kinda cool. i take my inspiration from my friend jacob, who used to do it all the time. who knows, maybe he still does. i saw In Her Shoes; the cameron diaz movie. it looked like a chick flick enough that husband didn't really want to see it, but was willing to see it with me. humph. well, that seems like it'd be kinda lame for him, doesn't it? yeah. so i saw it on my own! it was good, i liked it. :)

that is all.

Monday, November 21, 2005
3 things about me

K, i promise not to post these often, but i got a kick out of this one:

Three Names you go by
1. Em
2. Honey
3. Slimer

Three Parts of Your Heritage
1. German
2. Dutch
3. French

Three Things That Scare You
1. biological warfare
2. car repair bills :-)
3. Tom Cruise

Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. Corn Chex
2. my cell phone
3. Extra peppermint gum

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. jeans
2. pink hoodie sweater
3. wedding rings

Three of Your Favorite Songs (at the moment)
1. Dancing Queen by Abba -- timeless
2. Ghost by Indigo Girls
3. Train Wreck by Sarah McLachlan

Three Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love)
1. Honesty
2. Trust
3. Communication!

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. Playing the piano
2. Scrapbooking
3. reading

Three Things You Want to Do Really Badly Right Now
1. Go out to dinner; i'm especially feeling like Fresh mex; Cafe Rio or something
2. Take a long nap
3. Get rid of the migraines; permanently!

Three Places You Want to Go
1. Mexico
2. Italy
3. Thailand

Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. Go bungee jumping over a canyon/river
2. Take a romantic vacation with my husband to Hawaii
3. have kids & watch them grow up; have chances to be proud of the adults they become

Three Ways You are Stereotypically a Girl/Guy
1. I have moments of complete illogicality
2. I liked to dress up
3. I expect my husband to know what's wrong (when something's wrong) - am working on this one ;-)

Sunday, November 20, 2005
news for a sunday afternoon

i woke up today with a headache; actually worse than normal (normal being a migraine) -- i took something for it, hoping it'd make a difference, and voila! it did! so i was able to go to church and make it through without a lot of pain, just a lot of sleepiness! the sleepiness has worn off to be pain again, so maybe i'll take a nap soon and see what i can do about that. overall, it's still been a better day than usual. i'm hoping still that this is the tegretol, and that a higher dosage (which i start on thursday) will make the difference, and really help me out.

also, my husband was selected to be honored for his research; here's the scoop:

Dear Mr. SassyLime,

On behalf of the Office of the Vice President of Research I wish tocongratulate you. Your abstract was chosen for Research Posters on theHill 2006 to be held Thursday, January 26, 2006 in the Utah StateCapitol Office Building Auditorium. I have attached information fromRobert, Staff Scientist at the Center for High PerformanceComputing who will assist you in producing your poster. Please contactRobert as soon as possible to begin the process of producing yourposter.

The Man

so of course i'm very proud of him; he works so hard at school, and i love it when others notice, too!

Saturday, November 19, 2005
a beautiful day in the neighborhood......

well, the Utah v. BYU game just ended; once again, BYU has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. ah well, it was to be expected. it did go into overtime. ech. still disappointing; i think most people were expecting BYU to win, if only b/c their record this season has been better than Utah's.....but i guess life is full of surprises, right?

well, i woke up today feeling good again! the headache is still there, but definitely in the background....not throbbing and causing pain in the front of my consciousness. amazing. two good days in a row, this is a rare occurence. so i was all pumped and excited......and cleaned most of the morning. i think i may have worn myself out, b/c the headache came back - but i'm doing well. husband and i are thinking of going to see a movie tonight - just like heaven. hopefully it is as funny as it looks in the previews.

we ALSO did laundry today. we were in dire need, and ended up having *five* loads, if you can believe that. whoa. craziness.

those of you who say prayers for my health and improvement of migraines, please know how grateful i am for you, and for these past two days of improved health!

Friday, November 18, 2005

well, a member of my viewing audience has requested more clear PARAGRAPHS in my blog. aye aye, captain. i'll do what i can. the past few posts have been a little.....lengthy and crazy looking.

so yesterday was a super bad headache day; today is a relatively GOOD day; and i don't have too many of those. that is, too many days when my headache is better than normal. so i'm hopeful that one of the new medicines is working some magic in there (on my brain) - that'd be cool. i actually did a lot more today than i usually am able; i went over to my sister's house and we did FREEZER cooking. which sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not. ;) you cook stuff (in large amounts) and then freeze it for later consumption. fun fun. i also taught my niece a piano lesson.

i also wanted to mention a few (unexpected) advantages i have found in living what i'll call 'the lifestyle of a hermit'. when you have headaches all the time, your social calendar clears up pretty quick. not only are you not much fun to be around, but it's hard to go out and have a great time when your head is throbbing. soooooo i find myself alone. thusly, one advantage i thought of today was that i don't get sick nearly so often. not like i was sick a LOT before, but colds and flu, etc., i don't get those as much. also, i have *plenty* of me time. like, all i could ever want. i have time to read lots, and watch movies, and write a blog (hee hee) and read the newspaper, and try new recipes (when i have more energy) and nap (when i don't).....of course there are many advantages to NOT being a hermit, but let's stick to the positive, ok?

Thursday, November 17, 2005
so much has happened lately...

well it's thursday and i'm finally writing - in true emilir fashion, i will catch you up on the recent events in my life. so all the way back on tuesday, i cut my leg shaving. this was no little nick, this was the grand-daddy of all shaving cuts. at least for me. i have NEVER cut myself worse!! so that was gross and somewhat painful, but now it's fine. i just have a little spot on my ankle where the skin is shaved off (ew, i know). So, YUCK! but anyways, as i was getting out of the shower, i was supposed to turn down the oven for my bread; yes i was cooking bread! however, after only 15 minutes (out of the supposed total 45) the bread already had a dark brown crust on top! ack!!!! my adventures in bread making appeared to be completely unsuccessful; i assumed the inner bread was either overdone or completely underdone (dough) - but was in for a pleasant surprise when i found out that it was perfect! so what's up with that? i don't know. something crazy.
yesterday was really not nearly as exciting, my head hurt a lot and except for grocery shopping, i was home resting all day. TODAY, however, was the long-awaited (and much complained about) dr.'s appointment. unfortunately, i woke up this morning with my headache even WORSE than yesterday, wondering if it was safe to drive to the neurologist's office. i decided i'd be ok. of course once i got there, the waiting room is loud and bright and has TVs going. yuck. that was lame. but things went well (for the most part) w/my doctor......we are going to start treating the seizure activity in my brain and the headaches separately; if the seizure activity is in fact causing the headaches, we'll get that taken care of first; we're going to start trying anti-convulsants until we find one that works for me. if none of those take the headaches away, we'll add something separate for treating those. some of you may be asking 'why not try topamax or depakote, or something like that that treats both seizures and headaches?' simply b/c the topamax and the depakote didn't work -- so my neurologist wants to attack the problems separately. fine by me! he also (gratefully) prescribed some medicine that i can take when the headache gets worse than usual - something i can take before i take zomig that will hopefully work and prevent the need for buying so much (expensive) zomig. it's called Toradol; and some of you may remember that this is what i get in shot form when i go to urgent care. it's old enough to have a generic version. hallelujah! also, in preempting all such questions, i'm aware of all the possible side effects and will be getting a blood test done in a month's time to make sure my liver is handling it well. the anticonvulsant we are trying is called tegretol, just FYI. so i feel pretty good about how the appointment went, i was somewhat rankled by a few things he said, but then what's new?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
tuesday already

well so far the day has passed uneventfully. i should catch up on yesterday, it was a really fun day. i decided on sunday night that i'd go visit my mom (up in ogden, not too far away) sometime this week. monday turned out to be good for her, so i just went yesterday to see her! i arrived later than i planned, having slept (fitfully) for longer than i planned. that left an hour with the ladies in her ward who quilt, most of whom i know from my short time living there. so it was good to see them all again. the first thing anyone said was 'what happened to all your hair? (referring to my short 'do) - when i told her it was starting to fall out, so i cut it - she asked immediately 'from dying it?' ouch. didn't realize my 'natural looking highlights' weren't so natural looking after all! hahaha. no, i told her, a medicine i was taking caused my hair to fall out. :-) spiffy. ooh, side not for muum - it's called Trazadone. we wrapped up the quilting around noon and muum and i had lunch together; it was really nice. then we hung around for a while and i rested; the vigorous activities of the morning had worn me out. also, ogden had a snow blowing in, so of course my headache was worse than usual. thanks a lot! after a while, little sis came home, and was only a *little* disappointed that i wasn't her other sister -- heehee. but mom and sis and i played a game of clue, which i think redeemed me to a favorable status.
so today i woke up at about 9 and my headache is (for the third day in a row) super bad. bleh. so i decided i would be productive and get stuff done later, but just laid in bed and read all morning. i did of course take a short break for breakfast. a girl has to have her priorities. :-) then i had lunch just a little bit ago, and cleaned up the kitchen some. (kitchen is not yet fully clean) -- then i started making some wheat bread! with my new kitchenaid of course. :) glee!!! so it's rising, and i'm going to go rest some more. productivity will have to wait! my head hurts!

Sunday, November 13, 2005
two great quotes

"Seeing yourself as you want to be is the key to personal growth." - anonymous"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." - Lola Kutty

movies i want to see

movies i want to see:

Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire
Pride and Prejudice (new one)
Chicken Little
Flightplan (looks a *little scary, but hopefully not too much so)
In Her Shoes (Cameron Diaz = funny!)
Mobsters and Mormons (gotta support the mormon cinema)
Just Like Heaven
March of the Penguins (i heard this was super good)

Movies I've seen lately:

The brothers grimm (not recommended)
war of the worlds (pretty good)
Must love dogs (cute, somewhat cheesy)
Red Eye (too scary for this girl)

See the thing about movies is, if i take earplugs, i get to sit in the dark and be entertained at a comfortable volume level; kind of distract myself from the headache. so that's always good. we (husband and i) see a fair amount of movies. *Only* once they get to the dollar theater, tho, b/c $9.50 per ticket? be serious. soooooooo the ones on the 'want to see' list will wait until they get to our dollar theater, and then we'll probably see them. :-)

all i want for christmas.......

At the request of my husband (what do you want for Christmas? why haven't i seen your list?) - here is my christmas list! fun fun fun.

The Emperor'sNew Groove DVD
garlic press
Leahy CD
Star Wars 1-3 DVDs (wide screen)
brown and/or black beaded headband
exercise ball DVD or book
black ribbed turtleneck - fitted
argyle sweater
Gone w/the Wind DVD
Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling (book)
tweed/herringbone pants size 7/8
Harry Potter DVDs
silver chain necklace w/toggle clasp & heart pendant
small hymn book
beading stuff; esp. black beads

Emilir the human barometer

another sunday, almost over! wow, how the weekends fly by. dinner is in the oven, so that makes me a happy girl~! so far no bread today, tho. i wanted to make some wheat bread, but that may have to wait till tomorrow. i woke up feeling pretty horrible, due in part (i think) to the changing weather.
when we went to bed last night, it was fall; autumn.....but waking up this morning, the tides have turned and it is clearly WINTER! it is kinda chilly around these parts; only got up to 51 today (supposedly), but at 10 am it was still about 40. yikes. that = cold!!!
i was able to get out of bed and drag myself to church, for the first 1 1/2 hours. :( then i had to come back home. my head hurt so much, i was having that 'i'm going to be crazy if this doesn't get better soon!' feeling. so i took a zomig and prayed for the best. LUCKILY, it worked! my headache never fully went away, but it is substantially better. thank goodness!!! so of course that (the zomig) led to a lengthy nap.
in other mysterious news, my coupon organizer has gone missing! ack!! this may sound mild or unimportant, but in actuality it's like losing a part of myself! the part that can save some money whilst grocery shopping! eep. must find coupon organizer! in case any of you find it (on the information superhighway somewhere), it is blue and has happy bunny stickers on it. no reward. :) tee hee.
in GREAT news, i was able to find a watering can last friday. so it looks like my plants are going to survive. i thank western family garden center for not closing during the summer and for having SMALL watering cans available. hooray!

Saturday, November 12, 2005
the kitchenaid mixer!!!

well i made my first batch of cookies with the kitchenAid mixer today! it was delightful. my mother-in-law gave me the kitchenaid for christmas (early, yes) - and i am loving it!!!! here is a little picture so you can get the VISUAL going. so the mixer is AWESOME, and i made some snickerdoodles. they = yummy!
in other news, spencer and i got to spend lots of time together today; we went to the library, we went grocery shopping (something i usually do on my own), we watched a video together, had dinner etc.... basically it's just really nice to have him home all day, and paying attention to me! we have so much fun together. :)

foods that have an aftertaste

ok, #1 on this list has GOT to be ONIONS -- that aftertaste will stay with you even after you brush your teeth. what's that all about?

here's a comprehensive list; (j/k, feel free to add to it)
1. onions
2. pickles
3. garlic - but yummy
4. soda water
5. aspartame -- HATE this, hate it hate it hate it - definitely kills rats, probably humans too
6. ice cream; once again, yummy, this aftertaste is more like a milk coating on your throat

Any others? Feel free to comment!

Friday, November 11, 2005
it's friday --

well, it's friday......and everything that entails. it's interesting, b/c if you're not working or going to school (me), friday is really just another day. it's somewhat distinguished b/c tomorrow i get to spend all day w/my hubby -- but it's not like i am being released from any hard work this week.
my piano teacher at BYU called me this morning, just to check in on me. it was nice to hear from him, and of course he just said he hopes i'll be able to get better soon, and come back, but to take care of myself first, it's more important, etc., etc. -- i thought it was really sweet of him to take the time out of his busy day and call me --

Thursday, November 10, 2005
this could be interesting

Your Personality Profile

my 'pizza personality'

according to this little survey, my pizza personality = the most boring person on earth!!! here it is:

Cheese Pizza
Traditional and comforting.You focus on living a quality life.You're not easily impressed with novelty.Yet, you easily impress others.

thursday and doing ok

well well well...........this is a picture my mom sent me today; i have seen it before, but i thought it'd be fun to post it :) this picture must have been taken about 20 years ago. seriously. rather old. it's me and my older sister and my younger sister (yes i am the chubby blond one) --

the only excitement for today is trying to get my doctor to call me back. gah. easier said than done!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
really random post

SO -- those of you who know me know that i have no kids; i am married, but i have no kids. so the topic of today's post is probably baffling. HOWEVER, i read this article and it just screamed to me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - and kind of freaked me out. so i thought i'd share. nice, huh? no, but serious, this is an article about disposable vs. cloth diapers. p.s. i hate changing diapers, and have never *really* thought i'd even consider cloth diapers. i'd much rather just throw the whole thing away :) BUT reading this was food for thought. enjoy --

Monday, November 07, 2005
monday, good to me

well, today has been a rather uneventful day; the usual few errands were run in the morning....during which time i became aware that the ONLY watering can in the salt lake city metro region is at the smith's marketplace, and costs $8.99. can you believe it??? ridiculous. doesn't walmart have one cheaper, you might be asking yourself? not during the winter; they don't carry them all season long! crazy. so i'm going to bide my time until smith's marketplace gets some of their small watering cans in; for the low low price of $4.49. not really impressive, actually. but bearable. you see, i have these bulbs....(this is developing into quite a story) they're calla lily bulbs -- which my muum gave me, and they are probably 2 feet tall, but still no flowers. the problem is that the stalks are so close together that i can't water the middle w/o flooding the entire planter, causing me to be irritated and mop up dirty water from the table. Sooooo the obvious solution is a watering can. i guess my need has come at the wrong time of year. i've gotta work on that. if i could need shorts starting in august, i'd save a *TON* of money!!! likewise, if i didn't need any winter clothes till february, i know that stuff is all on sale.
sooooooo anyway, after that i did very little but rest all day until spencer came home. we had dinner and FHE (family home evening for those non-LDSers out there) and i'm sure i'll go to bed early. it's what i do.

Sunday, November 06, 2005
two more great pictures!!!

another halloween party picture; from my husband's and me and sister :)

then THIS picture is of my wonderful husband :) while we're enjoying general conference last month. :)

brother and sisters :-)

my brother and sisters --
to the left is my brother, cowboyman. he is serving a mission for the LDS church ( in Texas, which is where he is in this rad picture. he's been gone for nearly a year now, and will be back after serving a total of two years. i love him; i miss him, AND it's his birthday next monday! he'll be 20. wow. 20. gettting old, there ......
and below: so this is a really bad picture of me, but a nice picture of my sisters~! this is why i wanted to put it up:
just so you (my viewing audience) can see them, the ladies who mean so much to me, who i grew up with, and who shaped me. i love you, sisters!!!!

The Formula for a Successful Marriage Is Simple

i love this quote; it is beautiful, it's simple, it's true.

"The formula [for a successful marriage] is simple; theingredients are few, though there are many amplifications ofeach."First, there must be the proper approach towardmarriage, which contemplates the selection of a spouse who reaches asnearly as possible the pinnacle of perfection in all the matters which areof importance to the individuals. And then those two parties must come tothe altar in the temple realizing that they must work hard toward thissuccessful joint living."Second, there must be a greatunselfishness, forgetting self and directing all of the family life and allpertaining thereunto to the good of the family, subjugatingself."Third, there must be continued courting and expressionsof affection, kindness, and consideration to keep love alive andgrowing."Fourth, there must be a complete living of thecommandments of the Lord as defined in the gospel of JesusChrist."With these ingredients properly mixed and continuallykept functioning, it is quite impossible for unhappiness to come,misunderstandings to continue, or breaks to occur. Divorce attorneys wouldneed to transfer to other fields and divorce courts would bepadlocked." -President Spencer W. Kimball

wow - it's been so long!

hard to believe i haven't written in here for so long! of course i haven't been busy; that would be a lie. but i just haven't been spending much time at all on the computer. the poor thing is getting ready to die; the crash and burn of our hard drive is imminent. :-( so sad. let's see, it should take about 3 sentences to bring you up to speed on 'my world' since i last wrote. headaches are the same. spend most of friday with my sister and her kids. spent saturday w/husband, during which time he took pictures of my sister and her family.
yep. that about covers it! it's obvious that my life is full of mystery, intrigue, and well........ok nothing very exciting. but i was able to stay for 2 of the 3 hours of church today, which is the longest i've been able to for a while now. spencer and i TRIED to get some tickets yesterday for the MoTab christmas concert, but 'twas in vain. :-( they're sold out, and we don't get any. boo hoo. we'll have to hope somehow we'll be able to get into the dress rehearsal.
our new ward read our membership records in today; what was really funny was this; our entire apartment complex was moved into this new ward; they read us all in today, and *including* spencer and i, there were only 3 of us present. yikes.
also, spencer has been updating his website, adding new pictures; if you know us, please check it out, see what he's added recently!! the address is:


Thursday, November 03, 2005
ok, REALLY tonight is the night

due to unforseen circumstances (aka really bad migraine) i didn't make the enchiladas last night. i feel that, in order to be honest with you, my audience, i must be TOTALLY honest....even in such trivial matters ;) but tonight i did make them. they were GOOD! and easy, too. the preparation took me longer than i thought it would - and of course longer than the recipe said, but they were yummy!

tomorrow i'm going to go babysit my sister's kids in the morning; it's always fun to see them, although i can't keep up with them for long!! they wear me out, man.

so life is good; i am blessed beyond belief. my husband is kind and works hard and takes care of us, and our family loves us. what more can a girl ask for?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
tonight is the night~!

yes, i feel pretty set on it; i really WILL make chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight! they obviously aren't going to be gourmet or anything, BUT i just haven't been feeling well enough these past4/5 days to do any cooking by the time dinner came around. here is the recipe simple, but hopefully yummy! i went to costco w/my sister this morning, and bought LOTS of chicken! of course, you can't really buy just a little bit of anything, that's the point, right? right.
hopefully tonight spencer and i are going to the Utah museum of art for a Day of the Dead celebration; music, art, dancing, etc.! i'll keep my fingers crossed for that.

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